Legislative Report: September 13, 2013

Here’s a report of the Sept. 13, 2013 Boca House of Representatives meeting. This update is brought to you by UP reporter Christopher Jorge Massana.

The drive-thru-paced Sept. 13 meeting of the Boca House of Representatives was the second-to-last meeting for the current crop of Representatives before the Student Government Legislative Elections on Sept. 24 and 25.

The one piece of legislation discussed at the meeting was BRHB-13-12: “700 Statute Revisions”. This bill, which deals with revisions to the 700 section of the student statutes, was tabled last week. Speaker of the House Jaclyn Broudy discussed the bill during House Forum, stating her opinion on allowing the bill to proceed into the next legislative session after the elections on Sept. 24.

“Since we couldn’t come to a consensus…we can’t have any legislation go into the next session, we don’t want that to happen,” Broudy said. “If we’d gone ahead and passed it, then overridden the governor’s veto, the President would have vetoed it anyways, and then we would be back here and it would have gone to the next session.”

Broudy eventually recommended that the bill be tabled indefinitely.

“My recommendation for you guys [the Boca House] is to table it indefinitely, we’ll bring up the 700 statute revisions at the first meeting of the fall semester,” Broudy said. “…if we all believe that the two semester requirement for each of the program directors is what we want, we can have [the Campus Gov.] veto it and override his veto, and then the President can veto it and we can override his veto too. So basically, it’s your call.”

BRHB-13-12 was tabled indefinitely by the House. Aside from BRHB-13-12, no other legislation was discussed or introduced at the meeting.

Student Government Legislative Elections are open Sept. 24 and 25. Students can use their myFAU account to vote.


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