[Legislative Update 5/31/13]

Here is a recap of the May 31, 2013 Boca House of Representatives Meeting, brought to you by University Press reporter Austen Erblat.

During Student Government’s May 31st Boca House of Representatives meeting, Student Body President, Pedro “Peter” Amirato urged everyone to promote FAU’s first football game of the 2013-2014 season, on August 30 in his report.

In her report, the new Program Board Director Lindsay Rinner notified the House of two upcoming events including a June 21 Summer Jam event for incoming freshmen, and a June 27 comedy show (comedian is TBA).


BRHR-13-10  passed unanimously in a 19-0 vote, granting FAU’s Army ROTC Cadet Club new training and drill rifles. (Check last week’s report to see the specifics about the bill.)

Speaker of the House Jaclyn Broudy summed up the meeting in her legislative report by reiterating the events that transpired last week regarding LDR 2010, and informing students that they were creating ad hoc groups to protest the act.

Broudy also commented on Cadet Club’s bill passing, praising the House, calling it “another example of us helping the students.”

Stay tuned to OwlWatch for updates on the leadership class that could soon become required to be in FAU’s Student Government.


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