[Legislative Report 5/24/13]

Here is a recap of the May 24, 2013 Boca House of Representatives Meeting, brought to you by University Press reporter Austen Erblat.

Friday marked the first Boca House meeting of the summer semester, where a new Student Body President and his executive staff introduced themselves to the House.

Senior Ocean Engineering major and new Student Body President, Pedro “Peter” Amirato,  introduced himself to the House equipped with a t-shirt, jeans, and some jokes.

Then, the new Boca Governor, Charles Berichi introduced his appointees: Ricky Lejuez, Boca campus Treasurer; Cynthia Maceda, Peer Education Team Director; Amanda Shumacher, Chief of Staff; and Lindsay Rinner, Program Board Director.

After the introductions, Associate Dean of Students Terry Mena congratulated the new SG leaders, who recently completed Student Affairs training. Then, Mena talked about FAU’s leadership course, LDR 2010, which might soon be required for Student Government leaders.

Representative Didier Ortiz was unhappy with this news, and asked Mena who was responsible for enacting that policy. The class, however, is not officially required yet, according to Mena.

“Can leadership really be taught in a classroom?” Representative Michael Cepeda, who already took the class, asked Mena. Cepeda later stated the class was redundant.

Other members protested the action for financial reasons, as financial aid does not cover any credits above the 120 required for their Bachelor’s degrees.

BRHB-13-10: “FAU’s Army ROTC Cadet Club” is a bill to replace the paintball guns used by FAU’s ROTC cadets for infantry training, as well as the Color Guard rifles twirled at ceremonies and football games. Cadet Club requested the Boca House allocate $3,503.39 for these guns, which include 14 Tippmann 98 Custom paintball guns, six Spyder Aggressor paintball guns, and two DrillAmerica Springfield 1903 Drill Rifles. The bill was written by Emily Ross, Nick Knight, and Charles Berichi, sponsored by Kaitlyn Jenkins, and tabled until the May 31 meeting.

Stay tuned to OwlWatch for updates on the leadership class that could soon become required to be in FAU’s Student Government.


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