[Legislative Update October 26, 2012 Edition]

Here’s a breakdown of the last Boca House of Representatives meeting. This legislative update is brought to you by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher.

Last Friday the Boca House approved its first bill of the semester and voted on all other legislation.


BRHR-12-01: “Cell Phone Reception” was tabled indefinitely. This resolution will not be brought up for another vote, but Boca House Speaker Jaclyn Broudy suggested that another version supporting improved reception across the Boca campus — not just the dorms — could be written soon. Check the Oct. 12 legislative recap to find out more about this resolution.

“People wanted it spread to the entire campus,” Broudy said. “People thought we were neglecting commuter students.”

BRHB-12-01: “Student Juried Art Exhibition” was approved after being amended. The bill allocates $2,235 to the annual Juried Student Exhibition next spring, which the Boca House has funded every year since the 2008-2009 academic year. It was written by student Jeanie Giebel and sponsored by Broudy.

BRHR-12-02: “Walk With Ease” was approved in a unanimous vote. The resolution, written by Representative Chad Coarsey suggested the crosswalks on campus be inspected bi-monthly.

“It’s very important that we advocate for admin to fix the broken crosswalks,” Campus Budget Chair Jonathan Mustain said.

BRHB-12-02: “Extended Exam Week Library Hours” also passed in a unanimous vote. The bill was written and sponsored by Broudy, and transferred $2,521 to the S.E. Wimberly Library account to keep the library open two hours longer than usual (from midnight to 2:00 a.m.) during final exam week.

Although FAU paid to keep the library open later during exam week last year, the university could not afford the extended hours again this year after it absorbed a $24.7 million budget cut.

The library’s extended hours will take effect Nov. 26 and end Dec. 4.

Stay tuned to Owl Watch.


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