Legislative Update [October 12, 2012 Edition]

Here’s a breakdown of the last Boca House of Representatives meeting. This recap is brought to you by UP reporter Kenson Delva.

After the SG fall elections Sept. 11 – 13, the Boca House of Representatives expanded to 48 members. Last Friday, Oct. 12, the House appointed new leadership and sent the bills to committee for a vote next week. SG President Robert Huffman and Boca Governor Ella Tepper discussed their upcoming projects and initiatives . And the Oath of Office, a swearing in of newly elected House members, was given to members who were not at the last meeting.

The House also elected Representative Langston Wimberly to be a new Speaker Pro-Tempore by a vote of 20-10. “I am the best candidate because I have the skills and experience necessary to complete the duties required,” said Wimberly.

Speaker’s Appointments:

– Parliamentarian: Ian Dunne

– Secretary: Ciara Clarke

– Rules and Policies Chair: Alexandra Scully

– Ways and Means Chair: Rebecca Sosa

– Campus Action Chair: Kalia Fleming

– Campus Budget Chair: Jonathan Mustain

Then Huffman updated the House about the ongoing SG website overhaul. “I feel like this is really going to help our informational side of SG to get our students more informed about the projects we’re working on,” Huffman wrote in an email. “There is no cost for this project because we are working in house with our Creative Services Dept. at FAU.”

Huffman also is teaming up with Athletics department and Mission Green club to add more recycling bins to the Rat’s Mouth, the stadium’s tailgating section, during games. “The green initiative will cost about $2,800, but Athletics is working to cut the price down with the help of our community sponsors,” Huffman wrote. “The green initiative should be on the next senate agenda.”

Other News

Tepper and Associate Dean of Students Terry Mena met with Night Owls, FAU’s escort program, to discuss concerns students have been complaining about.

“We hopefully addressed a lot of those concerns and a lot of those issues,” said Tepper. “You should look around and see Night Owls slowly, but surely improving.”

Tepper also made some appointments to the Student Union Advisory Board and Campus Recreation Advisory Board.

Governor’s Appointments:

Student Union Advisory Board
Ryan Quinn
Vanessa Torres
Kenntavious Peterkin

Campus Recreation Advisory Board
Daisy Boyd
Gabe Sheffield
Ava Kwansnieski
Evan Camejo


BRHR- 12-01: “Cell Phone Reception” suggests making cell phone reception in IVA, HPT, GPT, and IRT stronger by installing Distributed Antenna Systems in the various residence halls on campus.

“I thought I should start writing a resolution and make our voices heard about the cell phone reception,” said Dunne.

BRHB-12-01: “Student Juried Art Exhibition” allocates $2,235 from the House Contingency account to the account for the 2012 annual Juried Student Exhibition.

“They’re asking for $2,235 for the visiting artist/juror fee, exhibition materials such as paint, hardware, vinyl lettering, and light bulbs, printing posters and documentary brochures, and for the reception,” Boca House Speaker Jaclyn Broudy wrote in an email.

The House did not vote on the bill or resolution Friday. Instead, they were both tabled to committees.  “They will be discussed in the committees before the House Meeting next Friday, the 19th, and will hopefully be voted on at that point if the House decides to,” Broudy wrote in an email.

Stay tuned to OwlWatch.


3 Responses to “Legislative Update [October 12, 2012 Edition]”

  1. Why aren’t the minutes for either of those advisory boards available online??? How are students supposed to keep up with whats happening there???…

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