Legislative Update [Boca House of Representatives May 25, 2012 Edition]

This legislative recap is brought to you by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher.

Changing of the Guard

In less than two hours the Boca House appointed and elected 14 members of Student Government today.

With House Speaker Pro Tempore Eric Lupo having graduated in the spring, the Boca House elected Rep. Jaclyn Broudy to fill the vacant position in a (7 – 4) vote against Rep. Lexi Rosario.

Shortly afterward, the House appointed Rosario to the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). The CRC is a group of twenty people who amend SG’s main document. Three of those twenty are appointed by each of the campus Houses. Boca House Speaker Boris Bastidas also appointed Rep. Clairemine Cyrise and himself to the CRC.

Meanwhile former Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks’ unsuccessful run for SG Vice President left his position vacated. The position was filled after former COSO Director Ella Tepper ran unopposed to become Governor. As one of her first acts, Tepper appointed the following people to the Governor’s Administrative Cabinet:

Chief of Staff: Vanessa Torres
Campus Treasurer: Kyle Kenny
COSO Director: Josh Scholl
Boca Senator: Isadora Isidore

The House approved Tepper’s appointments unanimously and voted in the following representatives during an in-house election: Michael Cepeda, Noor Fawzy, Elana Kashti, Adriel Loschalc, Richard Schwartz, and Edwin Toledo.

Student Body President Robert Huffman giving his first report to the Boca House of Representatives at a weekly meeting in their chambers on May 25. Photo credit: Michelle Friswell.

The six new representatives were sworn in after new Student Body President Robert Huffman gave his first Oath of Office. As new Representatives in the Boca House, they took their first votes today on vetoed and old business.


Vetoed Business: BRHB-12-12 “Musical Production of Sweeney Todd” was vetoed by Ebanks in one of his final acts as Boca Governor. The House overturned his veto and sent it to Huffman for enactment or veto. To find out what this bill will do if it’s enacted, click here.

Old Business: BRHB-12-13 “Duties and Powers of the Student Body President” did not pass when the House voted on it. If passed the bill amends the SG Constitution to give the President five days to sign a bill after if it passes a campus House or the university wide student Senate.

The bill has already sounded administrative alarms. Terry Mena, the Associate Dean of Students spoke to the Boca House about it at the last meeting in spring.

“I want to make sure that you can only speak on matters that will only affect the Boca Raton student body, but I’m not saying you can’t talk about the other campuses,” Mena said.

Jonathan Mustain, the former Governor’s Executive Assistant is an author of the bill.

“It’ll be back next week,” he said. “If it can.”

Stay tuned to Owl Watch and find out if the Boca House votes again on the bill to change the SG Constitution at next week’s meeting.


One Response to “Legislative Update [Boca House of Representatives May 25, 2012 Edition]”

  1. Boris Bastidas Says:

    Just want to clarify that I did not appoint myself to the CRC, I appointed the two members and then said if anyone was interested to let me know otherwise I would then look to appoint myself, since I have to make three appointments. I’ve already received interest so it won’t be necessary however.

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