Boca House of Representatives Legislation and Update [March 16, 2012 Edition]

Here’s a recap of last week’s Boca House of Representatives meeting. This update is brought to you by UP reporter, Ariana Corrao.


BRHB-12-04: “Florida Atlantic University 50th Anniversary Mascot Preservation” was tabled with no objections. The bill calls would preserve and display FAU’s previous mascots in hopes of promoting school spirit, especially for potential students checking out the school. President Ayden Maher mentioned that since the House is currently waiting on the company that will contract this project, the budget for the bill is currently not available.

BRHB-12-05: “Florida Caribbean Student Association Conference” passed with a vote of 19 to 6. The bill lets 90 students attend the Florida Caribbean Student Association (FCSA) annual conference at FAU. The conference will be held from March 23-25.

BRHR-12-03: “Stand Against the Green Fee” passed with a vote of 18 to 6. The bill says the House will not approve a Green Fee to be added to student tuition for 2013.

“With the applied tuition increase, I don’t think this is the right thing to do,” said House Rep. and author of the bill Eric Lupo, about the extra fee.

Rep. Chelsea Boydman said, “While bringing down energy costs from the school is important, I don’t think that we, the students, should have to pay for it.”


A new $50 million dorm was approved at the recent Board of Trustees meeting. Because of the proposed state budget cuts, FAU will now annually owe the city of Jupiter two million dollars for multiple buildings on the MacArthur campus which are usually paid for by the state.

Maher also mentioned that although FAU has not announced how much it will increase tuition, the state recommended an eight percent increase. This allows FAU to increase tuition another seven percent. “I assume the university is going to go after the full 15% to make up for the budget cuts,” said Maher.

Boca House Speaker Boris Bastidas told the BHOR that the Jupiter House had met earlier that day and held a vote of no confidence which if passed, could mean Maher will be impeached. The majority of the student body voted no confidence.

“I have not read any drafts on impeachment, but I hear they are being worked on,” said Bastidas. “The decision to host the upcoming voter registration event on the Boca campus has many of the other campuses feeling belittled. I think the way he does things hurts our process.”

Bastidas mentioned the vote of no confidence and whispers of impeachment will not affect Maher as much as they will, “send a pretty strong message to the incoming person that we are not gonna take this crap from you,” according to Bastidas.

Also, seven new representatives were admitted to the House:
Neil Coffman
Lucas Crostarosa
Ashley Davis
Tyler Dowtre
Daniella Fernandez
Jessica Guijorro
Edward Mahoney
Christina Thorton

Stay tuned for more updates.

Correction: BRHB-12-05: “Florida Caribbean Student Association Conference”  was not passed, but tabled to the March 23 House meeting. 

4 Responses to “Boca House of Representatives Legislation and Update [March 16, 2012 Edition]”

  1. Alex C. Lange Says:

    The vote of no confidence was voted on by the Jupiter House of Representatives. A vote of no confidence is a parliamentary notion that only signifies disfavor in an executive official, in this case the Student Body President. It does not lead to impeachment in anyway unless the House takes additional action. The Jupiter House voted unanimously to vote no confidence in the Student Body President.

    Please never hesitate to email us up in Jupiter for clarification on what we do.

  2. Jamie Kee Says:

    How about some clarification as to why you all unanimously voted no confidence in Maher?

  3. Alex C. Lange Says:

    As the Governor of the Campus, I would advise you to contact Amrita Gopaldas (, the Speaker of the House, or Mumbi Ngugi (, the Speaker Pro-Tempore, for the official reasons behind the vote.

    Based off my understanding for the reasoning of the House’s vote was that the President had failed to abide by his Constitutional duties of presenting reports to the House as outlined. He also had not been responding to e-mails of both the Speaker and myself. There are more reasons I believe but again I encourage you to reach out to the leadership of the House to get that feedback.

  4. Boris Bastidas Says:

    “BRHB-12-05: “Florida Caribbean Student Association Conference” passed with a vote of 19 to 6. The bill lets 90 students attend the Florida Caribbean Student Association (FCSA) annual conference at FAU. The conference will be held from March 23-25.”

    This bill was not passed, it was motioned to be tabled to the March 23 meeting, which was today. And at today’s meeting it was voted on and failed.

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