Legislative Update [March 2, 2012 Edition]

Here is what happened at the last Boca House of Representatives meeting. This update is brought to you by UP reporter, Dylan Bouscher.


BRHB-12-05: “Night Owls Golf Carts” was passed by a vote of 16 – 6. This bill allocates $13,590 for two golf carts for NightOwls.

BRHB-12-03: “Leaving a legacy”, was tabled indefinitely and won’t be talked about again. This bill would have funded the creation of a new park behind the Social Science building.BRHB-12-04: “Florida Atlantic University 50th Anniversary Mascot Preservation” has been sent back to committees. This bill asked the BHOR to allocate $1,500 for four, old school mascots to be placed on display in glass cases in the Student Union. It will be brought back to the BHOR for a vote at the next meeting.


House Speaker Boris Bastidas and Parliamentarian Patricio Coicou were appointed to the Campus Budget Action Committee.

Stay tuned for more updates.


6 Responses to “Legislative Update [March 2, 2012 Edition]”

  1. You keep telling us that bills are table indefinitely but don’t tell us why. For instance, what happened with the SGA park? Now they’re not building it? Why?

  2. Tabling the bill indefinitely doesn’t mean the park is dead. Since the designer has already been paid $2,000 and SG President Ayden Maher has committed his own funds, it may still be built. It just won’t receive funding from the BHOR.

  3. Boris Bastidas Says:

    Technically though, saying it won’t receive funding from the House also isn’t a final thing. This 44K bill would have been HALF of the remaining funding, and there are other projects such as the Golfcarts and Stress Week that members in the House felt need to be dealt with first, because these are more timely. The project is in fact moving forward as was mentioned, and it was also mentioned at the meeting that every year there is a good amount of funding left over at the end of the semester, and that at that time, the House could commit remaining funding to this project. That’s not a guarantee, but it suggests that the House may still fund this. It’s just been pushed back.

  4. James Burren Says:

    We need a new student union, what’s going on with that, anything??? Our student union is PATHETIC compared to ucf/usf and I get depressed every time I Go in there because it’s so small and limited and the Coyote Jack’s can’t compare to chilis2go that they have at places like uf.

  5. Jason Wu Says:

    As a BHOR, I’d like to touch upon some of the questions asked.
    Regarding the construction of the park, a variety of concerns and issues were at play that cannot be fully elaborated upon in a brief blog or comment. I would refer to the minutes posted by SG of the dialogue of the multitude of representatives and their views of the park construction. I can only speak for myself, so my vote against the construction of the park was primarily based upon this excessive expenditure for a park when there are talks of an increase in A&S fees and “severe” budget shortfall next year. Furthermore, I did not believe that it was financially responsible and overall, very ignorant for the BHOR and SG to pass a bill titled “Leaving a Legacy” that details the construction of a park to stand testament to our contributions to the university. I personally don’t think it is the place of any organization or person to pat themselves on the back for doing something they are SUPPOSED to do. If we do a good job, let our constituents and university thank us, and not build ourselves a park.
    Regarding the student union, as much as I love FAU, we lack a strong student population to properly nor immediately fund and utilize a significantly larger student union found at schools such as UF, USF, and UCF. I am under the impression that construction grants from the state have been cut and statements have been made by various SG and administrative members that our A&S fee reserve fund will be built up and utilized in future construction. Whether or not this is the proper function of the reserve account is another question.

  6. Jason,

    I agree with you that building a park to honor the job we pay you to do anyway is ridiculous. However SGA has done it before, even paying upwards of $700 for an engraved bench that could have been purchased for $200 at a place like Lowe’s and engraved for another $100. I believe when SGA members fear a particular project like this may not get the support it needs, they try to work in the BHOR names to entice them on the basis of vanity.

    It’s unfortunate that that is the case because green space like a park can add immeasurably to a campus. It’s one of those things that you can’t really appreciate unless you’ve seen its equal somewhere else and I can tell you that other Florida college campuses have been significantly improved by adding pocket parks. It decreases stress, beautifies the campus and provides something else for the students to do.

    Mind you that this is coming from someone who’s against the green fee and also supports construction in the “preserve” area on the north end of campus. I’m not some eco-nut. I simply think a good park, constructed well, would go a long way for FAU, and I hope the BHOR isn’t so short-sighted as to say, “A bunch of trees? Give me a break. We have fun event t-shirts and stress week squeeze balls to purchase that students will use once and throw away. That’s where tens of thousands of our dollars should go.”

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