Legislative Update [February 17, 2012 Edition]

Here’s what happened at the last Boca House of Representatives meeting. This update is brought to you by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher.


BRHB-12-01: “Writing Center Printer” gives $2,482 towards buying a printer and card reader for the University Center for Excellence and Writing. The bill passed unanimously after it was sent to committees last week.

BRHB-12-02: “FAU Spell Out Event” a bill that transfers $4,580 from the House Contingency account to the Governor’s Project account for 1,000 t-shirts, passed unanimously. The shirts will be given away at the “Spell Out” event in which 1,000 FAU students, faculty, and staff using their bodies to spell out “FAU”. The bill was written by Executive Assistant to the Governor Jonathan Mustain and the Governor’s Chief of Staff Rebecca Capata.


SG President Ayden Maher told the House FAU could lose up to one third of its funding from the state. The Florida State senate approved a proposal last week that would cut $400 million from all public university budgets and $47 million from FAU.“It’s politics,” said Maher. “It’s very strange that the four schools that serve urban areas of the state, which are USF, UCF, FIU, and FAU, got hit the hardest. Whereas, the more traditional schools such as UF, and FSU got hit the least. I don’t know why, but I will say it’s politics.”

Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks updated the House on the problems with Program Board’s account. At a prior House meeting, Ebanks told the BHOR that $70,987.98 worth of transactions from Program Board’s account were unauthorized. Most of the transactions came from the account of the Program Board adviser, who was Alicia Keating at the time. Former Associate Director Davie Student Union David Bynes is the new adviser.

“A meeting was scheduled for Wednesday,” said Ebanks. “But the advisers did not attend.” He sent an email to Dean of Students, Dr. Corey King to resolve the problem and his next step is to email Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Charles Brown.

Stay tuned for more updates.


3 Responses to “Legislative Update [February 17, 2012 Edition]”

  1. What’s happening with the proposed on-campus skate park? Has that been “tabled indefinitely” so definitely not happening? I don’t understand because FAU really needs this.

  2. Boris Bastidas Says:

    The On-Campus skate park was tabled, there was a lack of research on the funding and administration support for the idea. SG can’t simply create a park unless the University (specifically Facilities and Space Utilization and even Student Affairs) have to agree to such a project. The funding is potentially there for it, but keep this in mind: SG wanted for years to put hammocks on campus so that students could relax, study outside, so on. Admin was very adament about the liability issues regarding the maintenance and potential injuries that could occur at the hammocks if they were misused or if someone just had an accident. As pathetic as that sounds, it’s not surprising that liability and not wanting to deal with potential lawsuits is a big concern for Admin. Now….with all of that in mind, can you imagine the amount of liability the school would be worried about if a skate park was proposed? I mean I’m all for it too, I think it would be awesome, but judging from what I’ve seen, it’s always going to be a tough sell getting them to accept the potential liabilities of skate park injuries if they get scared by little hammocks…….

  3. I understand that line of thinking but honestly the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, a school that is our size or smaller, with the same SG funding or less, with the same exact potential for liability concerns, got it done. And their students love it.


    I just don’t want to believe that UNF’s SGA can do their research and get it done so their students have this incredible recreational facility while FAU is shaking in their boots and losing students to other schools.

    That’s why I’m asking you to please reconsider the idea, email UNF’s SGA, ask them how they were able to get it done.

    Just like how the University of Miami was able to setup a cheap laser system on their parking garages so that every time a car goes in, it trips the laser beam and cuts down a spot, with the cars going out it adds a spot. Then there’s an LED panel above the entrance telling students if there are spots so they don’t have to drive up and around four floors only to find out there are no spots. I’m sure someone in UM’s SGA knows the vendor where they got that device too. Another thing FAU students need, in this case so they can stop complaining about parking.

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