Legislative Update [February 10, 2012 Edition]

This update is brought to you by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher.


BRHR-12-01: “Be More Open to Students” was voted on and passed unanimously. The bill recommends all Board of Trustees meetings have time set aside for public comment. The bill awaits signatures from SG President Ayden Maher, Boca campus Governor Ryan Ebanks, and Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Charles Brown.

BRHB-12-01: “Writing Center Printer” is written by House Rep. Lexi Rosario and sponsored by Representative Reginald Horace and House Speaker Boris Bastidas. The bill would have used $2,482 from the House Contingency account to buy printer and OwlCard reader for the University Center for Excellence in Writing. After Boca Treasurer Chris Naff told the House there was enough money to pay for this project, the House voted to send it to committees.


5 Responses to “Legislative Update [February 10, 2012 Edition]”

  1. Concerned Student Says:

    Do not force students to pay for the OWL Card Reader/Printer. Student ID is run by the University, they sell students the ID’s, so students do not need to pay for the machine that put money on their student ID’s.

    The University is supposed to take care of this type of purchase, Keep Dr. Brown and Administration out of the pockets of college students who have debts from loans or from their parents.

    It as if you say, pay 10 dollars for your ID, then put 5 dollars on your ID so that it can only be spent on campus, and we are not going to provide you the machine to put the money on that ID, so you need to pay for that also, so that you can use your ID. That’s stupid.

    Concerned Student

  2. Boris Bastidas Says:

    It’s true that students have to pay already for printing, however it is striking that a writing center that is supposed to be a resource for students does not have a printer. There is in fact an unfortunate system in place in regards to the way students have to pay for printing and copies, however the purpose of this act is to simply add a printer for the students who need one at this location. Yes, it is an inconvenience the way students have to pay, but it is also an inconvenience that there is no printer at the writing center. At least one of these are being alleviated. Student money, that is A&S fees indeed will be used on the printer and owl card reader, and it will at least alleviate the aforementioned inconvenience. Otherwise it’ll just be used on typical promotional tshirts.

  3. Concerned Student Says:

    Who pays for the Owl Card Readers and Scanners normally? I am sure the university pays for that.

    How about a resolution be passed stating, that Dr. Charles Brown acknowledge that there is a need for a printer. I mean he signs all the bills anyway.

    SG can save its money to where FAU is responsible for those purchases and can instead spend 2,000 dollars on textbooks in FAU Book Loan Program to benefit qualifying low income students. http://www.fau.edu/oma/bookloan.php . Just an example. Ask a student if they’d rather have a printer available to them or a free rent-able book for their history class next semester. And those books can be used for a few years before the edition will be considered obsolete. Most teacher allow older editions, by an edition or two difference.

    I get it that A&S Fees are available and must be spent, but spend it in the place where students need it (and you’re right, promotional shirts arent a need), and dont spend money when FAU is responsible for picking up the tab.

  4. Boris Bastidas Says:

    A resolution that says a printer is needed would likely get signed by Dr. Brown, but the issue becomes who pays for it? The University does “normally” pay for stuff, but they take forever to get new stuff. There are dozens of problems regarding old or broken equipment, and everytime we go to administration their answer is that they agree but the funding isn’t there, plus they have their own timeline for fixing and replacing things. Quite frankly, we get a lot of requests like this and we usually don’t fund them because we in fact agree that the school should pay for more of this stuff, but this is an example of the House having over 80 thousand dollars and this one request being four thousand, again it is at least going to allow students who do use that writing center to at least have a printer there and they can use.

    SG does fund the current book loan program, and we encourage more students to take advantage of it. The issue with editions and customized books that can’t be sold back have to do with professors and publishing companies working together, sometimes for compensation, this was supposed to be reformed by a 2008 State Law, but it hasn’t been effectively implemented at all. What I advocate for is that the bookstore change the way the books are promoted, because often students buy books that say “required” when sometimes they’re not even required, and we need to inform students more about buying online.

    Of course most students would prefer free or cheap books than a printer, but this printer nonetheless is going to help the students who use writing center. I agree we should consider everything that you are suggesting, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fund this printer. We have to spend our budget by the end of June, perhaps we should look into the kind of book rental program you’re talking about, but given the choice of funding something like this printer or the money going into a reserve account that can’t be accessed at the end of June, we rather it be spent on improving facilities or getting new equipment because that means it’ll happen NOW. If we wait and push Admin to do it…..it’ll take forever.

    I really appreciate your concerns, and I welcome you to come to our meetings and suggest these kinds of opinions because more of our members need to hear these kinds of things.

  5. Concerned Student Says:

    Well, I will say that whatever the House votes on, will be the voice of the students and thus take effect and give approval either for or against the printer.

    I agree that there is a disadvantage for students in the writing center who dont have printer/reader available and needs to be fixed.

    If the printer bill is passed, I would recommend an attached or secondary resolution be passed that specifically reprimands Administration for not covering their responsibilities. Maybe go the extra mile and put a custom sign above the printer to let students know that this is the only SG Printer/Reader:

    “Because Administration said ‘NO’ to you, your Student Government said “YES!’ ”

    Since you are buying the machine, make the price of printing at least a cent or so less than all the other printers

    That way this printer stands out from all the administrative printers that student would use for printing/card reading. Becuase it really would be the only SG printer/reader. Hey maybe students will think its the edgy/cool/fight-the-establishment printer and more students will use the Writing Center and thus improve their grades!

    It would be an unfortunate thing to not have the students voice that is against administration incompetence of thier responsibilities not be mentioned. Let’s not let this small nudge of students picking up administration tab become a normative method of fixing problems. Becuase that 4,000 dollars can become very big, very quick.

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