SG Senate Legislation and Updates [February 9, 2012 Edition]

This legislative update is brought to you by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher.


SGSSB-11-08: Written by former Sen. Michael Brown, this bill requests $20,000 for  renovations to the first floor of Boca’s Student Union. This bill was tabled indefinitely and will not be brought up again.

Boca Treasurer Chris Naff said, “Anytime the Senate is going to have a bill that deals with finances, bring it to the Accounting and Budget Office and we’ll tell you if it will work or not.”

He pointed out that just because the Senate passes a bill, doesn’t mean it gets funded. “There have been two bills passed by the Senate, and the money hasn’t been transferred because the money is not there,”  said Naff.

SGSSR-12-01: “It’s Time to Lobby” will be amended before it is brought up again for a vote. If the bill passes, it will create a new committee of students who will lobby state legislators on student interests.The bill was written by Campus Budget Committee Chair of the Jupiter House Stephen Jones, Jupiter campus Governor Alex Lange, Boca campus Governor Ryan Ebanks, Broward campus Governor Helen Pferdehirt, and Boca House Speaker Boris Bastidas.

President Ayden Maher‘s appointments to the Graduate Student Association were confirmed and approved by the Senate:

College of Education – Noemi Coltea
College of Design and Social Inquiry – Nikki Diggs
College of Engineering & Computer Science – Rosana Melendez
College of Medicine – Ramon Garcia-Areas
College of Science – LaTasha Lee
College of Nursing – Usar Suragarn

The Senate also approved Jared Hesse as Elections Commissioner for the Jupiter campus.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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