Boca House of Representatives Meeting Recap and Legislation [February 3, 2012 Edition]

Here’s a recap of Friday’s Boca House meeting, brought to you by UP reporter, Dylan Bouscher.

LEGISLATION:BRHR-12-01: “Be More Open to Students” was written by House Speaker, Boris Bastidas and Representative, Corey Pronman. The pair also sponsored the bill, but Bastidas encouraged the House to delay a vote and send the bill to committees. The bill would have recommended that all Board of Trustees meetings have a time for public comment if it had passed. The House voted to send the bill to committees before bringing it up again.


Representatives, Langston Wimberly, Elysha Savarese, Aleksandr Isidore, Tyler Dowling, Ashley Davis, and Patricio Coicou were voted and sworn in during an in-house election, for eight open seats. There are still two vacant seats in the House chambers.

Boca Governor, Ryan Ebanks updated the House on his concerns with the Program Board account. Ninety-eight transactions totaling $70,987.98 were unauthorized, according to a memo passed around by Boca Treasurer, Chris Naff. Sixty of those transactions were from Associate Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, Alicia Keating’s Purchasing Card (Pcard). Pcards are typically given to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads who can request cards for certain individuals and watch their spending.

Chief Justice, Nicholas Scalice announced the launch of the Court’s electronic records for all SG documents. The records will have information on all legislation from here on out. You can take a look at the online records here. SG President, Ayden Maher told House members that he would be meeting with FPL (Florida Power and Light Company) and the University Architect, Tom Donaudy next week to push for banners on Glades Road.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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