COSO Emergency Funding Meeting [February 1, 2012]

This update is brought to you by UP reporter, Mailyn Abreu.

Funding Approvals:
The College Democrats were given $450. They asked for $189 to replace their old banner in order to look more presentable for this election year. They also asked for $250 to make Obama campaign shirts for current and future members.

Kappa Delta Pi was given their asked amount of $500 for their academic success banquet for their members on March 16.  They estimated that 1,600 people would attend.

Tau Beta Pi was given $653 for food and collared shirts for their 30 active members and 20 officers.

The Students for Justice in Palestine got $700 to fund their upcoming event in the Traditions Plaza, in front of the bookstore. They want the money to buy real Palestine food and get more students interested in the club.

Golden Key got $390 for their three upcoming events. They asked for $750 for one of their events that involved middle and high school students. The COSO e-board informed the members that the food could not go to non-FAU students. The members said that the school was in charge of feeding their own students and that the food was for members only. This event still couldn’t be funded due to short notice.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers were given $918. They originally requested the full amount of emergency funding ($1,000) to build a $3,500 car for an upcoming national competition. They already have donations and are looking for sponsors to get the rest of the money.

Mechanisms for Biology returned this semester to get more funds to continue building box gardens that will be a part of their mobile greenhouse and their future full greenhouse here at FAU. They also requested money for more club t-shirts and a new banner. COSO informed them that they had money in their account, $922 from 2009’s budget. None of the members seemed to know about this money because the new leaders were not given a budget from previous years when they took over the club. COSO funded them the difference of what they asked for which was $54.

The Society of Automotive Engineers were allocated $1,000 to build a car for a nationwide competition in May that is estimated to be $30,000. The club already has sponsors and donations, but they are looking for more in order to fund their car.

New Club/Organization Funding:
The Jewish Association of Health and Medical Students were given $365 to fun an upcoming luncheon for 60 students and faculty.

IMAGE at CESCOM got $500 for pizza for three future events in which they will have 3 different medical speakers.

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