Boca House of Representatives Meeting Recap [January 27, 2012 Edition]

Here’s what happened at Friday’s BHOR meeting. This update is brought to you by UP reporter, Dylan Bouscher.

The BHOR had an in-house election for a new Speaker Pro-Tempore. The position was vacated by Kevin Varela after he resigned at the last BHOR meeting on Jan. 20, and House Representatives, Jairo Montes and Eric Lupo ran to replace him. Lupo won by a vote of 14 – 8.

SB President’s Chief of Staff, Eric Dansky gave the President’s Report since President Ayden Maher and Vice President, Robert Huffman were at Rally In Tally on Jan. 26 arguing against student fee increases and higher education reform.

During the Legislative Report, House Speaker, Boris Bastidas talked about SG’s new seal and logo. A marketing campaign has already started in the breezeway. Bastidas said, “I really want to say there’s been an issue with making things official. We were told that there would be a new seal, a new logo.”

A logo with waves on it was proposed and Maher rejected it saying “he thought it looked too academic, not cool,” said Bastidas. Maher signed the executive order for a new seal in November.

“In the executive order they stipulated that it would replace all affiliates of Student Government. That pissed off the campus governors,” said Bastidas.

Maher signed the executive order in November, and never filed it with the Court.

Bastidas supports the current logo on SG’s Facebook page, but he said the Facebook page is unofficial. There was never any legislation passed to create an SG Facebook page and he’s looking to make both the page and the logo more official.

“I hope in regards to funding you guys can find some projects. I care about this stuff, I think it reflects on us,” said Bastidas. “If we’re not holding them accountable, we need to take responsibility ourselves. I’m not rejecting the logo, or the page, it just needs to be official.”

SG Police Liaison, Charles Berichi mentioned the idea of pre-ticketing for stadium events. “There is no expiration date on OwlCards, people who aren’t students here anymore are coming to games, and we need that revenue. The stadium cost $70 million to get,” said Berichi. Police are also concerned about students showing up to games minutes before they start and creating public safety issues.

Boca Governor, Ryan Ebanks then corrected Berichi on the reason for pre-ticketing. Ebanks said that all Davie students had issues with their OwlCards at the stadium entrance.

“The system you described does not work the way you described it. If you exit the school, your OwlCard does not swipe into the stadium. The problem is that it’s not reading entire campuses,” said Ebanks. Pre-ticketing is done at most universities with a football stadium.

In his speech, Berichi talked about enforcing the ban on skateboards and bikes in the breezeway. Berichi said the House Contingency Account could be used to enforce the ban after House Representative, Wilhelm Douglas suggested it. “I’m not sure about the specifics, but it’s under serious discussion and pending approval from the Board,” said Berichi.

Bastidas brought a section of the SG Constitution to the meeting for each House member to read. The section shows it is possible to make amendments to it, without a Constitution Review Committee meeting. Certain people think Maher should not have veto power over legislation from the other campus Houses, according to Bastidas.

“If we’re not holding them accountable, then we have no purpose to wait for him to do it. We need to just do it ourselves and take responsibility for what we can do,” said Bastidas.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Ed Note: In a previous version of this post, it was incorrectly reported that a new SG logo was under consideration, and that a new Speaker Pro-Tempore would be elected. This has since been corrected.


One Response to “Boca House of Representatives Meeting Recap [January 27, 2012 Edition]”

  1. Boris Bastidas Says:

    To be clear, the SG Seal that is being discussed is NOT an “Owl with beer pong ball” it is a seal with an image of an old inside. The beer pong ball reference has to do with some of the promotional items that have been given out to students, including cups, sunglasses, and the ping pong/beer pong balls. The seal itself is not a beer pong ball or has any resemblance or reference to beer pong or beer pong balls.

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