SG Senate [January 19, 2012 edition]

This recap is brought to you by UP reporter, Dylan Bouscher.

Here’s a recap of Thursday’s SG Senate meeting.

President’s Report
SG Elections Board Chair, Tom Levy resigned six weeks before the Spring 2012 SG elections. He changed his major to Education, got a new part time job, and could not run a smooth election, according to Ayden Maher.

SGSSB-11-08: Written by former Sen. Michael Brown and sponsored by SG Vice President, Robert Huffman this bill would allocate $20,000 to buy new furniture and make renovations to the first floor of the Student Union. This money would come from Student Affairs’ Activity and Service Fees Reserve Account, known as the reserve account of Vice President of Student Affairs Charles Brown. This bill was brought up in the Nov. 22 Senate meeting when it was tabled. The bill is tabled again 5-0 until there is more support from the budget office and will be brought up at the next meeting.

“I’m going to express my support for this bill,” said Boca Sen. Peter Amirato. “The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.”

SG President Ayden Maher said, “This is one of my goals, and I want to see it through. I believe in this project and I believe that we need to renovate this union. Also, we rent out our facility to outdoor vendors, and it’s not in tip-top shape, I’ll say that.”

Open Forum:
Former Boca House Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Varela was confirmed as Elections Board Chair. “I appreciate your vote and I look forward to meeting you guys on your respective campuses and to get everything moving quickly and to have a good election,” he said.


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