Boca House of Representatives Meeting Recap [January 20, 2012 Edition]

This recap is brought to you by UP reporter, Dylan Bouscher.
Kevin Varela resigned yesterday afternoon (Jan. 19) from his position as Boca Speaker Pro-Tempore to take over as Elections Board Chair. Now, an in-house election for a new  Speaker Pro-Tempore is in order. Candidates Eric Lupo, Jairo Montes, and Reginald Horace will all be interviewed by Speaker of the House, Boris Bastidas.

SG President, Ayden Maher mentioned that Thomas Levy changed his major from Political Science to Education. He is expecting to graduate in May and needs to complete a 9-5 internship, which Levy had to start this semester.SG started the Owl Country campaign over winter break. So far they have taken 87 FAU banners to hang up in local businesses. Marketing Director, Maya Carroll and former Sen. Michael Brown, are working on this project.The Subway in the stadium is supposed to be a late-night dining option for resident students, but still isn’t open. Maher said he is “pushing them” to open soon.

The Board of Trustees will vote in February on a new dorm building with 650 beds and 2,000 parking spaces. The new housing and parking will be near the Social Science building.

VP Robert Huffman confirmed and approved new positions in SG. New Executive Assistant. Michael Brown and new Executive Marketing Director, Aneal Ramkissoon were confirmed.

Student Media: Owl TV Station Manager, AJ Jordat and University Press Editor-in-Chief, Mariam Aldhahi were approved.

Greek Housing will be built by 2015-2016, at the earliest. Housing will consist of apartment style buildings that will be located near the stadium.

Boca Governor, Ryan Ebanks announced that David Aarons was appointed as Boca Raton Associate Justice. The vote was unanimous.

House Contingency Account currently has $100,000, but only about $28,000 can be spent. Mission Green’s community garden for example, is one of the projects funded by the account.

Vice Chair of BHOR, Lexi Rosario brought up that Addison Park contractors are looking to build an off-campus student housing complex called “University Park”. Students are needed for the meeting.


One Response to “Boca House of Representatives Meeting Recap [January 20, 2012 Edition]”

  1. Greek Housing isn’t happening until 2015-2016 now? Greek Life can’t get a goddamn thing done ever. They’ve been telling people there’d be Greek housing for 20 years now. Figure it out now.

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