COSO meeting update [November 21, 2011 edition]

This Boca COSO update brought to you by UP reporter Mailyn Abreu:

Funding approvals:

$940 for Helping International Students for t-shirts and pens.

$500 for Competency in Medical Spanish books to teach members medical Spanish.

$485 for Fencers Anonymous fencing gear and swords, after they brought documentation to prove their swords are safe.

$481 for the Association of Fundraising Professionals new member t-shirts.

$470 for Pediatrics Interest Group new member t-shirts.

$450 for the Chinese Language Club’s karaoke machine. This is for their Chinese New Year event planned for January.

$444 for the International Student Organization. This money if for food, which will be at the end-of-the-semester BBQ scheduled for Dec 2 in Live Oak A.

$389 for Mu Iota Sigma new member t-shirts.

$380 for the Brain Interest Group new member t-shirts.

$276 for the Dermatology Special Interest Group new member t-shirts.

$248 for Surgery Interest Group new member t-shirts and their event on Dec. 6, where they will host guest speakers from the surgery field.

$203 for the American Medical Student Association new member t-shirts.

$170 for the Global Health Interest Group new member t-shirts.

$105 for the Emergency Medicine Interest Group new member t-shirts.

$70 for Quidditch Association of FAU for supplies to build hoops.

Human Powered Submarine Club’s request was not stated and was moved to the Spring semester, since no representatives were present at the meeting.

COSO Director Ella Tepper informed everyone that there have been no clubhouse approvals and all clubs needs to clear out of the clubhouse by Dec. 8. The spring clubhouse applications will be available soon and due Jan 23.


3 Responses to “COSO meeting update [November 21, 2011 edition]”

  1. Concerned Student Says:

    what a waste of money spent on tshirts, pens, karaoke machine, swords (that will be stolen by some someone one day). How much fundraising do any of these clubs do to help make these purchases? Maybe some of these SG investments back into these clubs make sense if the clubs in fact do fund raise a good amount of money on their own. Is there a report of that shows how much a club has personally fund raised versus how much they received from COSO/Student Government? when one looks at student spending and our current economy, one asks, what recession??? More fiscal responsibility is needed. Are there any parameters that help clubs fund raise and support themselves?The only thing that makes sense is the medical Spanish books, at least there was some educational supply investment. I do appreciate the updates!

  2. Boris Bastidas - SG House Speaker Says:

    Glad to see a student commenting on here! Some clubs do their own fundraising, (often by collecting dues) but no clubs are required to do so. Some clubs do in fact live off their annual budgets and then whatever they request throughout the year. There are records that show how clubs spend the money allocated to them, and COSO does look at this before deciding on additional funding requests and before deciding on the the club’s budget for the next year. Ultimately each club will determine what is needed for them, what’s trash to you is another club’s treasure. So while the medical spanish books are important to you, the kareoke machine is very important to another club, that’s the way the system works. We are not technically in a recession anymore, despite high unemployment, but Student Government is not somehow in debt or lacking funding. Everything being spent is within the confines of the current budget for this academic year. By all means, a sense of fiscal responsibility is always encouraged, but it’s not like SG is in some kind of financial turmoil. COSO as I understand has only spent near or just over half of their allocated funding for this year. Clubs can and probably should raise their own money, but currently that is not required. Maybe it should change, and that’s something I’m glad you are bringing to light so that we can look into whether that may be needed in the future. Keep speaking your mind!

  3. So according to concerned student… students should pay a bunch of money into the SGA coffers through fees to finance clubs…
    then when these clubs come with bills because they need money to fund their operations, SGA should tell them to go pay for things themselves and deny them money?

    SGA should never be in a position where they’re hoarding money just to brag about how “fiscally responsible” they are.

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