Legislative Update [Senate] [November 22, 2011 edition]

Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s SG Senate meeting.


SGSSB-11-07: Written by former Senator Michael Brown, this bill proposes to change SG Statute 505.200. It would add “Executive Marketing Director” to the list of people in the SG Executive Cabinet. The bill was passed 6-0.

The statute currently says: “There shall be a President’s Chief of Staff, Executive Aide to the President, and Executive Aide to the Vice President within the Executive Cabinet.” If the bill passes, the statute would read, “There shall be a President’s Chief of Staff, executive Aide to the President, Executive Aide to the Vice President, and an Executive Marketing Director within the executive Cabinet.”

On Nov. 18, the Senate passed a bill to create the Executive Marketing Director position.

SGSSB-11-08: Written by former Sen. Michael Brown, this bill requested $20,000 for new furniture and renovations on the first floor of Boca’s Student Union. The bill was tabled 6-0 and will be brought up again at the next Senate meeting, which has yet to be determined.

The money would’ve come from the reserve account of Charles Brown, the Vice President of Student Affairs.

“I don’t see too much of a necessity with it. I think the money can be spent elsewhere.” said Boca Sen. Peter Amirato.

“I think this is something that would be more appropriate to propose in the [Boca] House, rather than the Senate.” added Davie Sen. Keila Dos Santos.

SG President Ayden Maher, pointed out that the Student Unions are funded through SG’s university-wide accounts, and not any campus-based accounts. Therefore, the proposal would come out of the Senate, and not any campus-based House.


Prem Sawh was sworn into the Senate.


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