Legislative update [November 18, 2011 edition]

Here is a breakdown of what happened at the last Boca House meeting by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher.


BRHB-11-32, a bill to create “Interfaith Programming” — the religious equivalent of Multicultural Programming — was tabled, and will be brought up at the first meeting of the Spring semester on Jan. 20. It was tabled at the last session on Nov. 4.

BRHB-11-33, a bill to fund the Student Juried Art Exhibition was amended and passed . From the $3,545 that was asked for, the House approved $2,545 after removing $1,000 requested to pay students putting on the exhibition. On removing the students’ pay from the bill, House Speaker Boris Bastidas said “Last year they put on a quality event without payment for the labor, and I personally feel this is not something we usually do.”

BRHR-11-19, a resolution that suggested SG pay for an on-campus skate park was tabled indefinitely, and won’t be brought up again at future meetings.

BRHB-11-34, a bill which gave Multicultural Programming $14,562, was passed.

Since SG’s fiscal year began on Jul. 1, MP has spent 70 to 79 percent of its $112,363 budget (MP Director Marie Dumas said 70 percent, Governor Ryan Ebanks claimed 79 percent). That’s between $78,654.10 and $88,766.77. The Campus Budget Chair, Representative Jason Wu defended MP’s request, saying “They’re spending the money well, they just don’t have enough of it.”

Originally, MP requested $29,562 for Jewish Heritage Month kickoff, Women’s History Month kickoff, AsiaFest!, Black and Women’s History t-shirts, Asian Heritage t-shirts, an appearance from Cornel West, travel to National Association for Campus Activities, and office supplies. It also would’ve also paid off a $650 debt to Owl Radio. The amendment to the bill removed the costs of  Cornel West, NACA, office supplies, debts to Owl Radio and half the price of the t-shirts.


Sophomore civil engineering major Neil Coffman was elected to the House in a vote held by representatives at the meeting.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.


One Response to “Legislative update [November 18, 2011 edition]”

  1. “BRHR-11-19, a resolution that suggested SG pay for an on-campus skate park was tabled indefinitely, and won’t be brought up again at future meetings.”

    WHAT!? Why? This would add a TON of value and additional recreation opportunities to our campus. Why was this summarily dismissed?

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