Elections Board meeting recap [November 9, 2011 edition]

This post by Dylan Bouscher.

The Elections Board wants to poll students twice a semester. There is currently no system for doing so, but Elections Board Chair Thomas Levy wants to make it possible for students to ask other students about their opinions on relevant issues.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how the Board plans to reform student polling:

  1. Create forms for students interested in posing questions (Rough drafts are expected at next Wednesday’s meeting)
  2. Add language to the SG Statutes that gives the Elections Board the power to approve ballot questions
  3. Require 35 signatures on all student-initiated questions, and a ⅔ majority vote for questions posed by either the SG House or Senate. (They didn’t mention which House. There’s one on each campus)
  4. Publish proposed questions in the “university newspaper” (UP Editor-in-Chief Gideon Grudo says he has heard nothing about this)
  5. Get question on the ballot for students to vote on.

According to Levy, “Once we make changes to the statutes, we can finalize the revisions.” Statute changes are expected to be made at the upcoming Constitution Review Commission meeting. As of this post, there is no language in the SG statutes regarding student polls, and no date set for the next CRC meeting.

Stay tuned for updates…


6 Responses to “Elections Board meeting recap [November 9, 2011 edition]”

  1. noone care what gideon knows or when he knows it, he works for SG and if they tell him to put something in the paper he will or get his funding cut and locked out of his offices.. 🙂 its happened before

  2. Karla Bowsher Says:

    You know what else has happened before?

    FAU made bad-press headlines for the illegal actions of its Student Government and Division of Student Affairs.

    You must be new here,

  3. Gideon Grudo, UP EIC Says:

    Since Karla may have unintentionally confirmed the prior comment, it’s important to mention:

    stu said: “[Gideon] works for SG and if they tell him to put something in the paper he will…”

    That’s laughably false. For the record.

  4. no press is bad press, surely you know that. and no karla im old school, which is why i know where that nice salary gideon gets, and you used to get, comes from. try and not put something in the paper that SG tells you to and see what happens, i dare you.

  5. o and gideon since i caught your attention, lets try and get more content in our school paper. this 3-4 pieces a week bullcrap is embarrassing. im sick of only seeing ads when i open the pages, its like one of those papers you find that only advertises asian “massage parlors” and such. if its more revenue you need try taking a pay cut.

  6. Karla Bowsher Says:

    Anonymous Stu:

    “No press is bad press” is not a universal truth; surely you know that. It applies more to celebrity contexts, for example, than to tier-two universities that are desperately trying to improve their public image in order to bring in more money because they bring in fewer donations than any other public school in the state.

    In fact, if “No press is bad press” applied to FAU, the Board of Trustees would not have devoted part of their last meeting to expressing concern over FAU’s bad press and would not have have brainstormed ways to decrease the bad press and increase the good press.

    As for being old school, I think you’re confused. First, that quality is not defined by possession of the capability to locate and read the annual A&S budget that’s posted to the interwebs as a public document. Anyone with an Internet connection and half a brain can do that. Second, before you can attach “old school to your name, you really ought to try attaching your words to your name.


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