COSO meeting update [November 7, 2011 and October 24, 2011 edition]

Here’s a recap of Boca COSO’s 11/7 meeting by Mailyn Abreu:

Funding approvals:

$850 for the English Graduate Student Society. The money is for food a two-day event on Nov. 17-18 where students and faculty practice presenting their research papers.

$210 for FAU’s Habitat for Humanity t-shirts so the club can keep track of their members at events.

$171 for the Entrepreneurship Club‘s kickoff meeting, which they have not yet scheduled.

$44 for The Gems, a jewelry-making club. The money is for jewelry-making tools, which the club plans on keeping in their COSO Clubhouse locker.

Other stuff:

Fencers Anonymous requested $480 for fencing gear and swords, but didn’t get the money. “We can’t fund weapons unless documentation proves that the sword is not a blade and that they are only used for sport,” said Special Interest Council Chair AJ Einbinder.

There have been no new clubhouse approvals and they are still accepting applications.


UPDATE:Here’s a recap of COSO’s 10/24 meeting:

$1000 for the Equestrian Club to help pay for members’ horse-riding coaching.

$908 for Student Health Advisory Committee to help market their club during events.

$882 for the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association to put on an event called New School/Old School. No further details were provided.

$800 for Dance of the Orient.

$84 for Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. The money is for a banner.

Other stuff: Students for Sensible Drug Policy got approved for Clubhouse locker space.


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