Legislative Update [October 28, 2011 edition]

Here are the highlights of what the Boca House voted on this past Friday.

  1. Five new people were voted into the House: Shane Blouin, Lucas Crostasosa, Cecilia McCloddden, Jason Naddell, Jacob Nadulek. They were admitted after the House voted on legislation.
  2. The House attempted to overturn SG President Ayden Maher‘s veto on BRHR-14, but it failed. 75% of legislators had to vote in favor of overturning, but only 67% did. The resolution was also previously vetoed by Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks, and the House overturned that veto on Oct. 21.
  3. BRHR-11-16, which was brought up at, but not voted on, at the Oct. 21 meeting, was tabled indefinitely. The resolution, written by, Matthew Zaabadick, states the Student Union, Student Union Outtakes, and Coyote Jack should be open 24 hours.
  4. BRHR-11-17, written by Aaron Preston, was tabled indefinitely. It would’ve commended FAU football quarterback Graham Wilbert and tight end Darian Williams. Copies of the resolution would’ve been framed and given to both players, as well as Athletics Director Craig Angelos. Another framed copy would’ve been put in a trophy display case in the Tom Oxley Center.
  5. BRHB-11-18, also written by Aaron Preston, was tabled indefinitely. It would’ve stated that the student tailgating area be moved to west of the football stadium. It’s currently next to the Breezeway, Physical Sciences building, and Administration building.

Special thanks to UP reporter Jordan Robrish for recording this meeting.


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