Legislative Update [October 14, 2011 edition]

Legislation-wise, here’s what went down this past Friday at the Boca House meeting:

BRHB-11-30 is a bill to give $5,700 to Lambda United and the RSA’s Halloween Horror Nights trip. Prior to the meeting, SG President Ayden Maher vetoed it, sending it back to the House. At the meeting, Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks said he’d fund the trip out of his executive account. The bill was co-written by Taylor Lucas, Frank Gorritz, and Boca House Speaker Boris Bastidas. Status: tabled indefinitely.

BRHB-11-31 is a bill that would use $2,802.21 to plant gardens near the T-buildings. It was written by Multicultural Programming Director (and former House member) Marie Dumas. Status: passed.

BRHR-11-14 is a resolution that says certain parking spaces should be for resident students – specifically, metered parking near the Student Services building. It also says certain faculty spots near Indian River Towers should become metered, and parking violations given to resident students for parking in those spots since Aug. 17 should be eliminated. It was written by House member Alexandria Rosario. Status: passed.

BRHR-11-15 is a resolution that recommends that Multicultural Programming put on an event celebrating Columbus Day. It was written by House member Aaron Preston. Status: sent to all committees.

Final thought: Special thanks go to UP Assistant Art Director Ariana Corrao for sitting in on, and recording, this House meeting.


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