COSO meeting update [October 10, 2011 edition]

Here’s a recap of the 10/11 COSO meeting by Mailyn Abreu:

Mark Burgarelli was approved as Multicultural chair. His duty in COSO is to represent all multicultural clubs on campus.

Funding approvals:

  • Engineering sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon: $340 for t-shirts and food.                                                                                                              COSO doesn’t fund Greek life organizations, but since AOE is an academic organization according to COSO, funding was approved.
  • Phi Alpha Honor Society: A National Honor Society for Social Work Students: $770 for t-shirts and food for two events.
  • Mechanisms of Biology: $500, the maximum amount a new club can get.                                                                                                          They wanted the money to start a greenhouse project which they plan on using to grow food and donate to non-profit organizations and possibly FAU. The money will also pay for t-shirts, and 2 events in November — a cancer walk and a beach cleanup.

COSO Director Ella Tepper said COSO is still accepting clubhouse applications on a rolling basis and that they won’t use the points system that was mandatory in order to remain a part of the clubhouse this Fall semester.

Mission Green was approved for clubhouse computer space.


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