Legislative update [September 30, 2011 edition] [part 1]

This post by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher

Here are a few highlights from the Sep 30 Boca House meeting.

Dr. Brown’s Delegate:

– Associate Dean of Students Terry Mena, designee for Vice President of Student Affairs Charles Brown, welcomed new House members and answered questions about the VPSA’s recent vetoes. When asked what Dr. Brown expected House members to do with the vetoed bills Mena said “the CRC (Constitutional Review Committee) will be looking to revise options for the VPSA on bills. From approved or sent back, to adding a full veto.”

Anti-Discrimination Policy (Adding sexual orientation to FAU’s policy):

– When Mena addressed the House and answered questions, several members asked him about Dr. Brown’s decision to veto a bill that would have polled students on adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” language to the University’s anti-discrimination policy.

He said, “Dr. Brown has had numerous meetings with the SG President, VP, Governor, et cetra to move forward on these issues,” said Mena

This answer echoed SG President Ayden Maher‘s full support of the policy, despite his decision to veto the bill. When Maher spoke, however, he referred to the University Lawyer David Kian, who said “this is the closest we’ve been to getting this approved.” Maher said that he will vote yes during the Board of Trustees meeting on this issue.

Rep. Jason Wu then asked Mena “Do the decisions made by Dr. Brown reflect the Student Body or the Board of Trustees?”
Mena responded, “[Dr. Brown’s] decisions reflect the university. His decisions on any legislation will reflect those thoughts on those decisions.”

Maher’s Arrival:

After being absent from House meetings since late July, SG President Ayden Maher showed up to share some big news:

– Two new parking garages had been approved by the North end of campus near the new football stadium.

– The guarantee of 5,000 student-designated seats in the new stadium was revised to 6,100

– IBM would be visiting FAU’s Jupiter campus with its newest celebrity supercomputer, Watson.

– Discussed a proposed community garden, saying “ I fully support the Community Garden issue. This is something that really pulls student organizations together. Michelle Obama has community garden in White House, so it reflects a federal project.” The community garden, proposed by Mission Green, would be located by an open field next to the Innovation Village Apartment lot.

Speaker’s Appointments:

– Parliamentarian: Eric Lupo

– Secretary: Rebecca Sosa

– Rules and Policies Chair: Amanda Phillps

– Ways and Means Chair: Jairo Montes

– Campus Action Chair: Thais Arsolino

– Campus Budget Chair: Jason Wu

– The Oath of Office was given to new members that were not present at the last meeting

– Minutes for the September 23 meeting were approved

More to come…


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