SG official resigned after battery charge

Former Boca House Pro-Tem David Grider (wearing red shirt) was charged with battery before leaving SG. The charge comes from an FAUPD report. This video shows the incident. The police report said Grider struck Crystal Jozwicki (wearing blue shirt), the victim. Grider said that Dean of Students Joanna Ellwood told him the word “strike,” as used in the report, does not necessarily mean “hit.” Ellwood declined to comment, stating it would violate the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act. Grider was eventually banned from the Rec Center.

CORRECTION: In order to avoid any confusion, the headline’s been changed from “SG official resigned after battery” to “SG official resigned after battery charge.” I apologize for any confusion this might have caused.

On Aug. 2, the UP reported (on page 8 ) that former Boca House Pro-Tempore David Grider resigned because of his financial internship and family, among other things.

There were rumors that he resigned due to a student conduct violation, which Grider denied.

The day before Grider left the House (July 6, according to his resignation letter), he had a meeting with Associate Dean of Students Joanna Ellwood.

The reason: to discuss Grider allegedly breaking university policy.

According to an Aug. 5 FAUPD report, Grider struck an acquaintance named Crystal Jozwicki in the Rec Center on Jun. 27. Grider told me that Ellwood told him the word “striking,” as used in the report, doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “hitting.”

The actual policy Grider was alleged to have broken isn’t contained in the report. Furthermore, he was, and still is, banned from stepping foot inside the Rec Center. Ellwood declined to comment.

The report also says that on July 5–the day before he resigned–Grider met with Elwood, and told her he’d “go about the matter through a student government trial.” In the end, Grider said, he signed an agreement to not set foot in the Rec Center.

“In my opinion, it was all blown out of proportion,” Grider told me, “I definitely wasn’t harassing anyone.”

Here’s what the police report says:

Grider is seen walking around in the same area as Jozwicki. Jozwicki is then seen walking up to Grider and apparently talking to him. The next thing visible is Grider striking Jozwicki about the neck and throat area. Jozwicki moves her arms as to try to deflect the strike. Jozwicki then nears Grider and Grider walks around the room.

Here’s Grider’s version of events: “[Jozwicki] walked up to me and said ‘Grider, stop macking.'” Grider said he was flirting with some women at the time.

“I squeezed her cheeks. I definitely didn’t hit her, and I wasn’t violent,” Grider said. According to the police report, Jozwicki said Grider “shook her face.”

Afterward, Jozwicki became “excited,” according to the report. Grider said she yelled at him.

“At first, I thought she was kidding around.” Grider said he’d been friends with Jozwicki for the past two years. The police report says they were “casual acquaintances.”  “I thought I knew her better than that. I thought we were friends, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. Then when I realized she was actually, upset, I apologized. I realized she was mad.”

The police report mentions that Jozwicki later saw Grider in her residence hall, and was alarmed. Grider said he was there to visit a friend.

On July 5, Ellwood and Grider met to talk about the case. According to Grider, Ellwood said that if Grider agreed to stay away from the Rec Center, he wouldn’t have to go before a student conduct trial. “I didn’t want to deal with the stress of a student conduct hearing.” He said he signed that alleged agreement.

The next day, he resigned. “[The incident] had very little to do with [the resignation],” Grider said.

He also summed up his thoughts on the incident. “If I’ve learned anything from this, it’s that you have to be really careful with how well you know somebody,” and that the incident “had barely anything to do with [why I resigned].”

Jozwicki and Ellwood declined to comment.

The surveillance video of the incident is above. The police report and resignation letter are below, sans personal info (e.g., phone numbers, home addresses, etc.).


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