COSO’s mystery clubhouse

This post was written by UP reporter Dylan Bouscher:

On Sept. 12, Boca’s COSO voted on which clubs would get access to the  computers and lockers of its $22,000+ clubhouse. The clubs listed below were up for approval on the Sept. 12 meeting:


Caribbean Student Association

College Republicans


Owl Rangers

Locker Space

Alpha Psi Lambda

Catch the Fire

Caribbean Student Association

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students

Sigma Lambda Gamma

Traditional Gaming Club @ FAU

The Gems

VOX: Voice of Planned Parenthood

When asked which clubs were granted access and why, COSO Director Ella Tepper said in an email:

“Once the minutes are approved by the COSO Executive Board they will be posted online, you will then be able to view all the information you have requested”

Other Council members said the information would only be available after COSO’s executive board approved the minutes from the last meeting.

As of this writing, that hasn’t happened, and it’s unknown which clubs COSO decided on.


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