Here comes the Fall 2011 election

Between midnight on Sept. 12, and 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 13, you can vote in SG’s legislative elections. If you’ve read the latest UP, you’ll know my opinion on voting. Well, looking at tomorrow’s election, it’s safe to say almost everyone running will win, according to the final list of eligible candidates that SG Elections Chair Thomas Levy sent me.

Here are the number of candidates to number of seats for each campus:

  1. Boca House: 48:46
  2. Broward House: Unknown:13
  3. Jupiter House: 8:7
  4. Treasure Coast House: 6:6
  5. Boca Senate: 7:2
  6. Broward Senate: Unknown:2
  7. Jupiter Senate: 3:2
  8. Treasure Coast Senate: 2:2

If you’re wondering why there are no number of candidates for Broward, it’s because the list Levy sent didn’t include them. I’ve sent him an email asking about that, and will update this once I get that info.

On the Treasure Coast campus, voting makes literally no difference.

On Jupiter, all but one candidate will win a House. Same with their Senate seats.

On Boca, all but two candidates will win a House seat.

The Boca Senate seats actually seem to have competition, though. Both incumbents Michael Brown and Jad Khazem are running for re-election. Their competition: Pedro Amirato (aka Peter Amirato), Rishado Bygrave, Gabriel Mashragi, Howard Rudnick, and House member Michael Yudien.

We’ll be covering the results as they come in. The unofficial results should be release on Friday, according to SG Director Heather Bishara.

If you want to vote, just log on to MyFAU, and click the corresponding vote tab.


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