[UPDATE 2] COSO Clubhouse Application Deadline

The Boca COSO clubhouse application deadline’s been extended again, according to COSO Director Ella Tepper. Earlier today, she told me that–on Monday–she would announce the new deadline. She said the deadline’s being extended for clubs who are just now getting back on campus.

The original deadline for applications was August 15, then August 26. The clubhouse opened August 1, and the ribbon cutting ceremony was August 23.

COSO’s received 11 applications for the clubhouse so far, according to an email from COSO Adviser Katie Burke. Here’s the list of clubs who’ve applied so far:

  1. Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (work station)
  2. Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (locker)
  3. The Gems
  4. VOX Voices of Planned Parenthood
  5. Traditional Gaming Club at FAU
  6. Alpha Psi Lambda
  7. College Republicans
  8. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.
  9. Catch the Fire
  10. Owl Rangers
  11. Film Club

Clubs can click here and here to apply for locker space and computer time at the new clubhouse.


One Response to “[UPDATE 2] COSO Clubhouse Application Deadline”

  1. […] at a previous post, every club that applied got in. However, there are still computers and lockers without a club to […]

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