COSO Clubhouse Ribbon is Cut

Just a quick update: the Boca campus’ COSO cut the ribbon for their clubhouse earlier today. The UP wrote about the clubhouse earlier this month (see page 8). Long story short: the clubhouse (Student Union, Rm. 227) is meant to give some clubs a place to help run their clubs. COSO officially opened their $22,000 clubhouse on Aug. 1 without any clubs in it.

At the time, COSO Director Ella Tepper told the UP that COSO’s executive board would vote on which clubs would get access to a clubhouse computer and locker space.

But there are still vacancies on that board.

According to SG statute 704.222.a, COSO’s executive board is: the COSO Director, its Assistant Director, six council chairs, and the Boca House’s Campus Action Chair (or whoever he/she sends in his/her place).

Here‘s who’s currently on the board:

COSO Director: Ella Tepper
COSO Assistant Director: Vacant
Academic Council Chair: Joshua Scholl
Graduate Council Chair: Vacant
Greek Council Chair: Naria Martinez
Multicultural Council Chair: Vacant
Special Interest Council Chair: AJ Einbinder
Sports Council Chair: Conrad Brethold
House of Rep. Ways & Means Chair: Jairo Montes

Clubs can apply for clubhouse locker space and computer time here and here, respectively.

The deadline for applications was originally set for August 15. Right now, it’s August 26 at 5 p.m. But that deadline might be extended.

I’ll keep you posted on this.


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