Will the Breezeway skateboard ban actually be enforced (for a week)?

If you’re gonna wheel down the Breezeway during September’s first full week, you’ll be punished by FAU Police Department–if they agree to enforce the rule against Breezeway-wheeling.

How’s this involve SG? Simple: Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks might get FAUPD to actually enforce the policy–but just for September Safety Week. As you might guess, SSW is a week of safety-themed events and programs. It’ll be happening September 5-9.

Ebanks brought up the idea of enforcing the anti-wheel rule as early as July 8, at a House meeting. Here’s a short Q&A from that meeting between Ebanks and Boca House Rep John Maher about that:

Ebanks: Safety Week, which comes up in September, we are going to have people walk on breezeway as safety patrol. It will be three times a week if they catch anyone with a skateboard, golf cart, and bicycles.
Maher: What kind of authority do these volunteers have? I mean can they physically stop them?
Ebanks: We are trying to partner up with the campus police, but that hasn’t been verified as of yet.

Yesterday, Ebanks told me the SG-FAUPD partnership still hasn’t been verified. In fact, there has been no meetings between either of them regarding SSW yet. But, Ebanks said he’d try setting up a meeting with FAUPD this week.

For now, it looks like bikers, skaters, or bladers have nothing to worry about. I asked Ebanks if the SSW volunteers will be able to enforce the anti-wheeling policy. His response was simple: “They can’t,”

He added, “It’s more to inform students about the policy,” which is consistent with what he said at a July 6 Governor’s Administrative Cabinet (GAC) meeting:

Safety Week is coming up and I would like for all the directors to come up with an event for safety week. For safety week, I am going to have people volunteer on the breezeway to educate people about not skateboarding/biking/biking in the breezeway.

So, will cops be stopping students on wheels, or will student-volunteers tell wheelers why they shouldn’t wheel? Watch for more updates after this Friday’s 2 p.m. GAC meeting.


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