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[UPDATE 2] Neon Vests or Blue Uniforms?

Posted in governor on August 31, 2011 by Chris Persaud

Earlier today, Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks told me FAUPD Chief Lowe cancelled their scheduled meeting about enforcing FAU’s anti-skateboarding-in-the-Breezeway policy for Safety Week. Ebanks said he would reschedule with the FAUPD. More updates to come…


[UPDATE 3] COSO Clubhouse Application Deadline

Posted in COSO, Uncategorized on August 31, 2011 by Chris Persaud

The Boca COSO Clubhouse application deadline has been extended to September 2 at 5 p.m., according to an email Boca COSO Director Ella Tepper sent me earlier.

[UPDATE 2] COSO Clubhouse Application Deadline

Posted in COSO on August 26, 2011 by Chris Persaud

The Boca COSO clubhouse application deadline’s been extended again, according to COSO Director Ella Tepper. Earlier today, she told me that–on Monday–she would announce the new deadline. She said the deadline’s being extended for clubs who are just now getting back on campus.

The original deadline for applications was August 15, then August 26. The clubhouse opened August 1, and the ribbon cutting ceremony was August 23.

COSO’s received 11 applications for the clubhouse so far, according to an email from COSO Adviser Katie Burke. Here’s the list of clubs who’ve applied so far:

  1. Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (work station)
  2. Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (locker)
  3. The Gems
  4. VOX Voices of Planned Parenthood
  5. Traditional Gaming Club at FAU
  6. Alpha Psi Lambda
  7. College Republicans
  8. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.
  9. Catch the Fire
  10. Owl Rangers
  11. Film Club

Clubs can click here and here to apply for locker space and computer time at the new clubhouse.

[UPDATE] Neon Vests or Blue Uniforms?

Posted in governor, Uncategorized on August 25, 2011 by Chris Persaud

Quick update: earlier today, Boca Governor Ryan Ebanks told me he would meet with FAUPD Chief Charles Lowe on August 30 to discuss enforcing a year-old rule against skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, and scooters in the Breezeway–but just for September Safety Week.

[UPDATE] Summer Recap Part 1: Boca House Legislation

Posted in Legislation, Summer 2011 on August 25, 2011 by Chris Persaud

Earlier this month, VPSA Charles Brown vetoed the following legislation: BRHR-11-12, BRHB-11-24, BRHB-11-25, BRHB-11-26, and BRHB-11-28.  You can read more about each vetoed House bill here.

He approved BRHB-11-27, which gives $7,000 from the House to FAU’s Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) to fund CLASS’s ropes course.

He also vetoed SGSS-11-11. You can read more about that bill here.

COSO Clubhouse Ribbon is Cut

Posted in COSO on August 24, 2011 by Chris Persaud

Just a quick update: the Boca campus’ COSO cut the ribbon for their clubhouse earlier today. The UP wrote about the clubhouse earlier this month (see page 8). Long story short: the clubhouse (Student Union, Rm. 227) is meant to give some clubs a place to help run their clubs. COSO officially opened their $22,000 clubhouse on Aug. 1 without any clubs in it.

At the time, COSO Director Ella Tepper told the UP that COSO’s executive board would vote on which clubs would get access to a clubhouse computer and locker space.

But there are still vacancies on that board.

According to SG statute 704.222.a, COSO’s executive board is: the COSO Director, its Assistant Director, six council chairs, and the Boca House’s Campus Action Chair (or whoever he/she sends in his/her place).

Here‘s who’s currently on the board:

COSO Director: Ella Tepper
COSO Assistant Director: Vacant
Academic Council Chair: Joshua Scholl
Graduate Council Chair: Vacant
Greek Council Chair: Naria Martinez
Multicultural Council Chair: Vacant
Special Interest Council Chair: AJ Einbinder
Sports Council Chair: Conrad Brethold
House of Rep. Ways & Means Chair: Jairo Montes

Clubs can apply for clubhouse locker space and computer time here and here, respectively.

The deadline for applications was originally set for August 15. Right now, it’s August 26 at 5 p.m. But that deadline might be extended.

I’ll keep you posted on this.

800s Online by Tonight?

Posted in Broward, Rules on August 19, 2011 by Chris Persaud

Here’s a quick one: around 6 p.m. today, I ran into Broward Associate Director for Student Affairs David Bynes at Boca’s SG office (Student Union, Room 215).Over the past week, I emailed him a few times asking where I can read the SG statutes governing the Broward campuses–a.k.a. Chapter 800.

In those emails, he told me Broward SG was amending their statutes, and they’d be back online once amended and approved by the VPSA. Today, he told me the VPSA had approved them, and they should be back online “some time today.”

As of this writing, SG’s statutes page is still missing Chapter 800.

Watch this space for updates.