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From Maher with Love

Posted in elections on March 25, 2011 by sergioncandido

Student Body President Ayden Maher

Today, current Student Body President Ayden Maher was an hour away from becoming the second person in FAU history to be reelected.

Long story short: yesterday the Elections Board debated over the two original complaints they had decided to look into, complaints number 1, and 3 (refer to my previous post).

The Elections Board decided to disqualify Christopher Puchferran and his running mate Joseph Birkman for complaint number 3. But Puchferran took this decision to the Student Court, and he placed an appeal just before deadline ended.

This means that the Court will have a meeting next week to decide whether or not they want to look into Puchferran’s appeal. I’ll write more in detail about this after the Court meeting.

Now, let’s get into what this blog post is really about.

One of the complaints that Maher placed to the Elections Board argued Puchferran’s supporters were harassing people in the Breezeway during the elections—but some think it may have been the other way around.

Michael Buonaiuto, also known as Green Mann, supported Puchferran. He said he felt harassed and offended by Maher and his supporters through the Internet during the campaigning process.

These are transcripts from private messages or Facebook posts from Maher and his supporters to Green Mann. Some of the messages were posted on Green Mann’s wall, others on Maher’s or on Maher supporters’ walls.

Maher was also given the chance to provide any material he felt was harrasing or harmful toward him or his supporters. He didn’t.

On Feb. 15 at 11:08 p.m., Maher sent Green Mann this private message on Facebook:

“Using your followers to support a campaign with no experience is merely unethical. They have no experience and if you attended the debates tonight to watch your friends you would see they are inadequate to serve the interests of the students.”

In another private message on Feb. 21 at 8:02 p.m. Buonaiuto responded to Maher:

“Hi Ayden,

Can you please cease posting “vote for ayden” on my wall and let your supporters know as well?


Green Mann”

Maher quickly followed up. First with a message at 8:05 p.m.:

“Hey Green Mann,

Could you stop using your following supporting a candidate with no experience. Who’s supporters are extremely rude to mine and the other candidates.

After all you are Green Mann and students love you! So they should know about all the candidates.

P.S. I am not telling my supporters to do anything. The students are calling for actual results not awesome dance marathons

Warm regards,


And then another message at 8:09 p.m.:

“Not trying to be rude buddy. But the people in the breezeway were extremely disrespectful to us today.

“I’m not trying to wage a war either but just asking to play the game fair. None the Less, have a good night green mann..”

Even when he seems to be trying to sound intimidating, Maher can’t help but to be charming and nice.

But his supporters may not be as respectful.

When Maher wrote on his wall:

“Green Mann doesn’t stand for anything. VOTE! Ayden Maher & Robert Huffman for Student Body President & VP. The only people running who care about FAU and have a real plan.”

One of his followers, Samantha Ann, who’s listed as Maher’s friend on Facebook and was displaying a Maher/Huffman campaing photo, commented on the post:

“Aren’t we sick of seeing Green Mann dance??? he’s all sweaty and gross and the funs over now that we know who he is, its just kinda creepy now. GO GREEN for real and stick with Ayden!!!”

Ann also wrote this message on Green Mann’s wall:

“cool green mann your awesome, selling c votes for amount of hours youll dance? how about you support fau and things students actually NEED. we’re all capable of dancing we dont need you in a green suit to do it for us.

DANCE monkeyy DANCE!

what do you stand for?! oh right… yourself, vote Ayden & Robert for real things that matter.”

Scott Drouet, also friends with Maher on Facebook, posted this on Green Mann’s wall:

“green man sucks d*ck!!!”

(It was the actual word)

Becky Thibodeaux, another Maher Facebook friend, who, like the other two was displaying a Maher campaign picture, posted this message on Green Mann’s wall:

“green mann, everyone knows this was a ploy so you could run the school…you didn’t meet the grade requirement so you told puch to run so you could control it behind the scenes. you don’t mean anything since you revealed yourself. so students of fau,

if you want a liar and an uninformed idiot for president vote for puch,

but if you want someone who actually cares about fau and the students vote ayden maher and robert huffman!!!!!”

Maher supporter and Facebook friend Tathia MomPremier wrote this on Maher’s Facebook wall:

Attention: FAU students by now you may have heard it all “Vote for this guy Green Mann will dance for you” or “vote that guy and ill act like a clown for you.”

DON’T YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO CARES? someone who knows how to spend your money on the things that interest YOU? someone who LISTENS to your suggestions and opinions. Someone who has the experience and the motivation to take care of YOU? then VOTE! Ayden Maher & Robert Huffman for Student Body President & VP, and Ryan Ebanks for Boca campus Governor. So waht will you do? settle for cheap amusement or will you VOTE Ayden Maher & Robert Huffman for Student Body President & VP and Ryan Ebanks for Boca Campus Governor and take your first step to a better university. FAU is our home , its government is CLOWN FREE and we want the best man for the job. P.S. a studnet who cares. Voting starts tonight on myfau, click on the vote tab”

All these people say they are FAU students on their Facebook profiles.

Whether it was out of ignorance, laziness, or because he was too busy, I still can’t fathom why Puchferran didn’t make a complaint about this to the Elections Board.

Now it’s too late for that. Or is it?


The NeverEnding Story

Posted in elections, Rules on March 8, 2011 by sergioncandido

Maher, Puchferran, Buonaiuto, Bishara, Levy or Scalice. Who's Falcor in this neverending story?

No, this post is not about the 1984 movie classic with the dragon that looked like a golden retriever, but this is also a story that never seems to reach its end.

I’m talking about the Student Government presidential elections.

On Feb. 24 I reported that current Student Body President Ayden Maher, who’s running for re-election, received 49 percent of the student vote, while presidential candidate Christopher Puchferran amassed 30 percent.

But Student Government rules mandate that a candidate must acquire 50 percent of the votes plus one to be declared winner.

Now, before there’s a run-off election between the candidates there was a deadline (Feb.  25) to place complaints about the elections.

Maher placed seven complaints, which are listed below:

  1. Statute cited: 318.900i for “verbal and physical abuse.” According to the complaint Maher said that Puchferran supporters, including Michael Buonaiuto (Green Mann), harassed other students on campus.
  2. Statute cited: 314.300k for “campaigning with alcohol.” Maher said he found campaign flyers from Allison Gentry and Bobby Peterson at Coyote Jacks Grill, in the Student Union.
  3. Statute cited: 321.400 for “bribing people for votes.” Maher argues that Green Mann is using his dancing skills to garner student votes for Puchferran.
  4. Statute cited: 314.300n for “using the FAU logo in the campaign.” Maher said that Puchferran and running mate Joseph Birkman wore FAU t-shirts in all campaign material.
  5. Statute cited: 318.900b for “failure to turn in campaign expense form.” Maher alleged that Gentry and Peterson never reported how much they spent on their campaign.
  6. Statute cited: 318.900m for “candidate stated untrue notes on flyers.”According to Maher, Puchferran’s flyers said: “Ask not what FAU can do for you. But what Puch can do for FAU,” JFK.
  7. Statute cited: 321.700 for “written material with false quotes.” According to Maher, Puchferran misquoted Ghandi by saying “you must be the change you wish to see in the world or you could just vote Puch.”

On Feb. 28, the Elections Board met to go over the complaints and decide which ones where worth further looking into.

Gentry and Peterson were disqualified for not submitting their campaign expense form, so the other complaint against them was automatically cancelled since they were already out.

Elections Chair Thomas Levy and his team approved to have hearings for only two of the five complaints against Puchferran, Birkman and Buonaiuto (Complaints 1 and 3).

But it seems Maher wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the meeting and decided to take this decision to the Student Court.

So, on March 3, Chief Justice Nicholas Scalice and his team gathered to see whether or not they wanted to look into Maher’s appeal.

This time, the result of the meeting was positive for Maher and the Court approved a hearing after spring break to look into the appeal and come to a decision.

The Court has power over the Elections Board and if they decide the Board has to have hearings for all five contestations against Puchferran and company, Levy will have to do as they say.

If the Elections Board decides to disqualify Puchferran based on any of the complaints, then Maher will be reelected, if not, we’ll most likely have a run-off election.

SG Director Heather Bishara believes we will have a declared winner before the end of the month.

I have my doubts, considering that if the two candidates eventually go head to head in a run-off election there can also be contestations for those results.