New year. New management.

The old Student Government blog is back, but with a new face.

Brandon Ballenger, the senior reporter who fervently blogged about SG issues for almost three years is departing to start a family of his own with his new wife from New Zealand. And after a semester of training, I’m taking over now.

The blog will keep its essence—covering everything related to SG—but I’ll try to give it my own spin. While Brandon was an ace when it comes to Excel charts and graphs, I’ll attempt to make policies and resolutions something that the average Florida Atlantic University student can understand and relate to, that way, they’ll care about it.

Don’t get me wrong. Numbers are an important part of Student Government and it’s often in the reckless distribution and use of funds where some of the best University Press’ stories have originated. For this reason and others, numbers will still be present here.

My goal with the blog is for it to not just be a source of SG news for House representatives and student leaders who egocentrically want to read their names on the screen, but for every student who wants to know where their $10 fee and other money they pay is going.


Sergio N. Candido


6 Responses to “New year. New management.”

  1. Welcome!

    -House Rep.

  2. Jason Parsley Says:

    Good luck Sergio!

  3. Almost a month later and nothing. Meh…

  4. Guy LaDouche Says:

    Isnt there an election that you could be updating us on? shit or get off the pot new guy

  5. Where’s the election coverage? WHAT’S GOING ON?

  6. Amy? Is there two of us? Cool.

    Anyway, back to this sorry excuse of a blog.

    Not only is the election not being covered here but no real explanation for the omission of the questions on the ballot. Who the hell dropped the ball on that one? The students weren’t made aware says the President. Is it Mr. Levy’s fault since he is the Elections Chair? How long was it known that these questions were going to be on the ballot?

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