[CORRECTED] Legislative Update [June 25, 2010 Edition]

CORRECTED: Breaking news — I’m a moron.

The item below actually passed two weeks ago, and I even wrote that on my agenda and in my notes. But for some reason when I was typing up this blog post, I got it in my head that it was tabled. It wasn’t.

There was discussion of tabling it to make the language nice for President Saunders, so I guess that’s what I was thinking about. Otherwise, I have no explanation for my sudden-onset stupidity.

Sorry for the error — I’ll double-check my entries against my notes in the future. The original post is below, with the inaccuracies crossed out.

New stuff Monday.


One new item, but nothing voted on this week.

This resolution was sent straight to committee to make sure it reads real nice — because it’s a formal invite to FAU President Mary Jane Saunders to come say “hi” to the House.

One of its authors, Speaker Pro-Tempore Nicholas Scalice, called it  “a respectful way to ask her here.”

I’m curious what they’d talk to her about — but I guess it is a nice way to start things off on the right foot.

After all, former president Frank Brogan had a rocky relationship with SG after 2006’s crop of “leaders,” which tried unsuccessfully to shut down Owl Radio and was essentially embezzling student money. It was a funny year in general, but not to Brogan, who called them “sad,” “immature,” and “an embarassment.”

So it’s understandable SG would want to demonstrate some openness and friendliness at the start of Saunders’ “new chapter” at FAU. But Representative Peter Amirato made a pretty good point when the legislation was introduced:

Is there any way we can make sure we have business the day she comes, and we’re not just voting on whether to vote? Because that would be very embarrassing. I would be very embarrassed.

Should be a fun meeting, if and when it happens.


6 Responses to “[CORRECTED] Legislative Update [June 25, 2010 Edition]”

  1. How about introducing the resolution for the new OWL logo on the Oxley? That would impress her.

  2. I’d like to know what’s going on with the position of Student Union Director. Apparently Dr.Kientz is no longer there? Is there a search for his replacement?

  3. James,

    Dr. Keintz has been gone for a while, yeah — associate director Bill Horstman has been acting director, but they are hiring someone new, not permanently bumping him up. I’m not sure where the process is now, offhand.


  4. Boris Bastidas Says:

    I think Brandon you should check out the agenda for the next BOT meeting which is tomorrow which includes a proposed amendment to University Regulation 4.006 which makes a bunch of pure grammatical changes and then very quietly puts an “involvement cap” on Student Government officials, saying that anyone can only be in Student Government for 5 years or 10 semesters, regardless of a paid, appointed or elected position. Perhaps you can get on this before I really sit down and read every sentence in this amendment and start opening my mouth about it, although I probably will in a matter of hours.

    – Boris

  5. Boris–

    Thanks. I actually spoke with Terry Mena about these changes a couple weeks ago. A post is forthcoming, and if you’ve got comments, we should talk.

    Got a job interview this afternoon, but I’ll get in touch with you soon.


  6. So apparently I misread the agenda, that thing was proposed on the 9th of June and then it was to have been approved on the 23. My assumption is that its already been passed? Which is just making me so happy right now……

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