Legislative Update [June 18, 2010 Edition]

It’s officially summer, and it’s officially slow in the House. That means another short update.

One resolution was introduced and passed last week, written by Speaker Pro-Tempore Nicholas Scalice. It’s about the wall of photos outside the SG office suite — which happens to be missing a number of photos, and has for years.

The wall showcases all the past student body presidents and the years they served, dating back to the 60s.

Scalice wants to fill in the blanks because “the display case fails to show appreciation for the past student body presidents” and “students are unable to reflect on an important part of student government history at FAU,” the legislation says.

I found the timing of this resolution pretty interesting, myself — because I recently asked FAU’s Media Relations for photos of all the presidents, among other things. I’m interested in what they’re all up to these days, as I’m sure many people are. (Especially Ken Jenne.)

Media Relations said they only had 16 photos, although there are more than that on the wall already — I’m guessing many of them are photocopies that the university does not have the originals for.

While I plan to write about these guys in the fall, I’ll go ahead and share one photo — of FAU’s first student body president, Dan Mica. (And unlike Jenne’s recent history, we can be proud of Mica’s current activities.)

It’s a photo taken at FAU’s first graduation ceremony, which looks like it was held in a tent.

A photo of former FAU student body president (and former U.S. congressman) Daniel Mica, taken over 40 years ago. (Courtesy of FAU Media Relations)


2 Responses to “Legislative Update [June 18, 2010 Edition]”

  1. Guil Massetti Says:

    From the link in your article: (http://www.cuna.org/cuna/bios/d_mica.html)

    “Mica holds a bachelor’s and an honorary law degree from Florida Atlantic University.”

    An honorary law degree from FAU?! ha….

  2. I am very glad that this resolution passed and we can begin working in an official capacity to complete an important part of FAU history. Our institution has quite an interesting story. In fact, I’d go so far to say that we have one of the most interesting histories of any public university in the state.

    I truly believe that the more we learn about FAU, the more we’re able to contribute to the future of the university so that we leave this place better than we found it. That’s been my goal in Student Government and I am honored to work with so many great people who think similarly.

    Brandon, thank you as always for your excellent coverage. OwlWatch has certainly made Student Government more transparent and that is excellent. Oh, and I love that photo you posted. Sideburns were quite stylish back then. 🙂


    Nicholas Scalice
    Speaker Pro Tempore

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