The Quirks [June 18, 2010 Edition]

Short meeting last Friday.

Boca Gov. Allison Gentry announced she had only signed one piece of legislation since taking office. House Speaker Josh Pollock took the blame, saying “the bill signing sheet I passed on to the governor was slapped together very poorly. I had trouble doing it and it looked horrible, and so I’m going to get to it next week.”

The one piece of legislation that made it through? That would be the bill transferring around $18,000 to the Speaker’s projects account, which is going to be spent on those basketball jerseys. That was rushed through because the House would have otherwise completely lost that money to an account accessible only by administrators at the end of the month.

The governor’s chief of staff, Matthew Owens, announced that the BSUMP reform committee had another meeting and planned to advertise the heck out of the BSUMP Director job reposting, which is now buried on the second page of FAU’s job listings here.

They’re also advertising that as an event on Facebook, with 24 confirmed guests (to what? It’s a job posting) and 23 others “maybe attending,” which just proves that some people always lie on Facebook — “oh, I might attend an event that doesn’t exist.”

Sorry, I find Facebook culture fascinating and ridiculous. Anyhow.

SG is also advertising seats in the university-wide senate, hoping people will run in the fall. SG Director Heather Bishara says you can just fill out the application form for the House and write “Senate” on the top. Drop it off to the SG Office in the Student Union, Room 215.

NightOwls — our campus safety chauffeur service — appointed an associate director, Derek Smith. After a speech from NightOwls Director Jon Waller recommending Smith, the House had just one question.

Representative Rashad Khonat asked: “Do you like your job?”

Smith replied: “Yes. Otherwise I’d be looking for another one.”

And two people were booted out of the House for not showing up: Thais Arsolino, and newbie Kiel Von Minden, who I don’t think ever showed up after being sworn in a month ago.

There’ll be a short entry on Wednesday about the one new resolution introduced last week. Tomorrow Thursday, I’ll be writing about some policy changes Student Affairs is initiating, and which the BOT is likely to approve this week.


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