Legislative Update [June 11, 2010 Edition]

This week’s update on legislation is short and sweet. There was only one item in old business, and the House killed it.

Representative James Shackelford‘s comments succintly explain why the bill died:

I was in all the committees and we’re [talking about using this bill for] allocating A&S fees for one specific professor that many students have probably never heard of.

The bill’s co-author, Speaker Pro-Tempore Nicholas Scalice, accepted that:

As a co-author of the bill, I think it’s fair to compromise in this situation. I knew that would be the problem with this bill given that it’s a fairly substantial amount of money, $200. The point of this is to recognize his service. However we go about recognizing him is great, it does not have to be monetary.

Scalice also mentioned the possibility of independently fundraising to accomplish the same thing as the bill, without spending student money. So the House tabled the bill indefinitely — a polite way of throwing it out the window — and decided to write a resolution instead. That might appear this week.

Representative Kristina Fritz said what the House should really do is combat FAU’s tenure policy:

I feel like the problem lies in the Board of Trustee’s decision with the way they decide tenure. I feel like we should be fighting that battle rather than recognizing one professor.

FAU’s current policies on tenure are here. It’s a lofty goal, but I’m not sure how the House would approach change, or if there’s much, frankly, they can do.

It sounds like something that would give the academic lobbying committee a purpose again, though.


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