The Quirks [June 11, 2010 Edition]

As I mentioned yesterday, the main part of last week’s meeting was the governor’s appointments. But there were a few other interesting things. Like soccer, and smelly diapers.

Representative Peter Amirato is relatively new to the House, having joined just three weeks ago.

So far he’s been physically absent from one meeting, and mentally absent from another. I’m not sure he ever opened that agenda in his hand last week, because he was busy watching the World Cup match between Uruguay and France.

Admittedly, these photos make the game look more interesting than a 12-page agenda.

Student Media Director Marti Harvey let the House know that Student Affairs is “moving forward with the search committee” for an assistant director this week.

Student body president Ayden Maher informed the House that the BOT approved the expected 15 percent tuition increase.

SG Director Heather Bishara announced that Student Affairs had “two things to be aware of: We are reviewing the fiscal policy and the travel manual the university has,” perhaps in response to the UP‘s most recent cover story, which mentioned some FAU alums trying to catch a free ride to California with the surf club.

And Representative Dean Hasan announced that he wanted to “speak about something serious.” Most of the House found that funny, for some reason.

Hasan: “In case you haven’t noticed today, when you walk in the Student Union it smells like a bathroom. I’ve heard like four people say ‘What’s that smell? Why do I go to this university?’”

He suggested writing a bill to invest in air fresheners or new carpet.

Speaker Josh Pollock concurred, noting, “It smells like someone just got done changing 100 babies up there.”

The smell apparently had something to do with the carpets being cleaned upstairs and hasn’t been smelt this week, to my knowledge.

Pollock also mentioned speaking to men’s basketball coach Mike Jarvis about some other initiatives with athletics involving the jerseys the House is investing in — now 2000 not 1600, and FAU red/blue instead of red/white — and planning to give away. Wearing these jerseys to the games in the fall might net you some free food, trips to away games, or the chance to be assistant coach for a night, if all the details get worked out.

I’ll post more about the giveaways as details become available.

Tomorrow: A tiny legislative update.


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