Keeping House

I’m past due for updating, so let’s get straight into it.

Last week was the second summer meeting of the Boca House; I missed the first one because I was busy questioning Student Affairs about how firing our adviser with three days’ notice is going to “move student media forward.”

If you’re interested in hearing more about that, I’d recommend you go read our editor-in-chief’s new blog, Owl Management, or you can get our ex-adviser’s take on things here. Both are currently blogging more regularly than I. OwlWatch won’t be discussing the issue except as it relates to SG.

Which, at this particular meeting, it did — I’ll get to that in a moment.

What I’d like to start doing is summing up these meetings in terms of their legislation and their little quirks — I’ve been criticized for focusing on the quirks and not enough on the legislation. Actually, the UP was slapped at this very meeting for that, even as freedom of the press was being championed.

So, for today’s entry, we’ll look at the idiosyncrasies of the meeting.

The Quirks [May 28, 2010 Edition]

Representative Hakeem Haye shrugs at the May 28 Boca House meeting. He "just wants to leave" and for the UP to stop being so mean to him. (Photo: Michael Trimboli)

My editor Karla Bowsher spoke briefly in support of “Free Speech on Campus,” a resolution written by Representatives James Shackelford and Boris Bastidas in response to the recent firing.

This is what she said: “If you have objections to this [resolution], you shouldn’t be in Student Government, and you shouldn’t be in any government in this country, and you should probably go home and pack your bags for Cuba or Venezuela or China. Does anybody have any question about this for me?”

Representative Hakeem Haye did: “Do you think you’d be able to lighten up on SG a little bit? I don’t know where it’s coming from, the animosity or hatred.”

Bowsher responded by saying we’re doing our jobs as reporters. Haye sarcastically responded with, “Yeah, you guys are not biased,” before being cut off by Speaker Alan Pollock.

Haye later tried to halt two pieces of legislation, including the free speech resolution. When Pollock asked for his objection, Haye said, “I just want to leave.”

Meanwhile, Representative Dean Hasan was goofing off on Facebook.

Representative Dean Hasan was more interested in looking at photos of himself than the agenda at last Friday's meeting. (Photo: Michael Trimboli)

And Boca Governor Allison Gentry notified the House that she was interviewing for BSUMP director this week, and also that she was considering calling an “emergency meeting” of the House this Thursday — so that everyone would be excused to attend an FAU baseball game on Friday.

The House also spent over an hour amending legislation, making motion after motion to correct grammar and spelling and in some cases debate commas.

The meeting was far from a waste of time, though: a handful of new representatives were sworn in, and a new pro-tempore — the House’s second-in-command — was elected, Representative Nicholas Scalice. The House also passed two resolutions and a bill, while tabling two others for committees to evaluate.

Wednesday: I’ll be summing up that legislation from last week’s meeting.


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