’10-’11 Executive Branch, Day 1

And now for something completely different! This is an interruption of, not an end to, the series on BSU&MP.

Yesterday was the inauguration of our new executive branch of SG. From left to right: Jupiter Governor Jordy Yarnell, Broward Governor Daniela Russo, Boca Governor Allison Gentry, Student Body Vice President Evan Konecky, Treasure Coast Governor Shaunté Robinson, and Student Body President Ayden Maher.

Vice President of Student Affairs Charles Brown made opening remarks about the new leaders, saying that “We are going to be in good hands” next year, but that he is “going to hold them to their promises.” He also claimed, “FAU SGA has become the envy of the state.”

Because Interim President John Pritchett and President-elect Mary Jane Saunders — who starts June 7 — were too busy to attend, Armand Grossman came in their stead.

Grossman is a member of FAU’s governing board of trustees, and as he noted in his remarks, is one of the original FAU alums and was a founding member of Student Government in the second year of the university’s existence. With that history, he seems better than a university president for the swearing-in ceremony, anyway.

Except that he butchered Maher’s name, pronouncing it “Aydeen Pierce Meh-hair.” Maher just smiled and said it correctly as he repeated the oath of office. Then he swore in the other new officials himself.

Maher’s closing remarks were brief and pretty much echoed what he said while campaigning. Highlights:

Today is not about me or any of the people who came on stage. It’s about the student body of FAU.

We are not a UF. But I can tell you one thing: we’re going to be there in not too soon. [sic]

As your student body leader, it’s not my job to fulfill X, Y, and Z. It’s our job to fulfill things collectively. Collectively, we can get it done. But by myself, I’m just one man.

Thank you for campaigning for two months through two elections.

Go to a club meeting, join a chapter of Greek Life, get to a football game, or stumble into an SG office.

Brown returned to the stage and concluded the ceremony by egging the new leaders into doing the “Hoot Salute.” This is a newly minted tradition, apparently conceived while they were shacked up for three days of leadership training.

I can’t possibly describe it, nor did I get a photo. Hopefully Owl TV will edit it into their video coverage of the event, which I will link here.

You can contact your new president by e-mail at amaher3@fau.edu. He’s also on Twitter as @apmaher, and Facebook as well. He has a corner office in the SG Suite, Room 215 of the Boca Student Union. And I’d like to give you his official SG number, but he doesn’t have one yet.

I asked him about it, and he told me his predecessor, recent alum Tiffany Weimar, has not yet returned her office keys or the president’s cell phone which is paid for by students’ fees. According to an e-mail from SG Director Heather Bishara, these should’ve been returned no later than last week:

Dear Student Leaders,

As the semester comes to an end and you leave your leadership positions, I need to request that you please return your office keys to Room 203 and any SG phones/equipment to the SG office no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, May 7, 2010. This is very important to our transitioning into the upcoming year.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about this.

Thank You,

Deadlines — who needs them?

To wrap things up, I’ve had fun putting together a little multimedia presentation in honor of our new president. It turns out we have quite a few photos of Mr. Maher in the UP archives, and I couldn’t pass some of them up. The video has sound, and is about three and a half minutes. I hope that you will click here and enjoy.


3 Responses to “’10-’11 Executive Branch, Day 1”

  1. Mike Hunt Says:

    Two weeks without an update?

    Good thing news stops happening during the summer, right?

    Your “’10-’11 Executive Branch, Day 1” will make for one helluva cliffhanger for the fall semester.

  2. What about an update on your adviser?

  3. Brandon Says:


    Our editor in chief is covering that on the UP’s new blog, Owl Management:


    You can also get our adviser’s perspective:



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