Toward a More Perfect Union? (Part II)

[This post was part of a series. You can read the rest here: Part I ¦ Part III ¦ Part IV ¦ Part V ]

This post is the second in a series; if you haven’t read the first one, you might want to scroll down and do that. Today, we’ll look specifically at the text of the bill and what it means. Check back tomorrow for a little more background on BSU&MP — it’ll go a long way to explaining why they’re upset about a possible name change.

Allison Gentry, Boca Governor-elect

What is this bill that passed on April 23?

BRHB-10-21, titled “If We are Going To Do It, Let’s Do It Right,” is essentially a legally binding* timeline developed collaboratively between outgoing Boca Governor Marni Sherman, Governor-elect Allison Gentry, outgoing BSU&MP Director Kerri-Ann Nesbeth, and Boca House Parliamentarian Amanda Phillips. It was sponsored by almost the entire House; the copy scanned and linked below shows the original sponsors, but many others chimed in their support prior to voting on it.

You can read the text of the bill here. It also includes minutes of the “what now?” pow-wow I mentioned in the previous entry, which do a decent job of contextualizing the issues. The gist of the bill is:

  • the reform process started out on the wrong foot, that is, with the Boca House trying to make decisions without consulting the cultural groups on campus
  • there’s not enough time left this semester to work out an agreeable collaborative solution

    Kerri-Ann Nesbeth, BSU&MP Director

  • the responsibility to fix this should be passed on primarily to the incoming leaders of the key groups, i.e., BocaGovernor-elect Gentry and the next BSU&MP director.

Incidentally, the job of BSU&MP director is open. You can apply here. The job posting closes May 14 and an

appointment will be made a week later. Last year’s salary for BSU&MP director was $7,520, and next year’s will be higher: $7,990 for the 2010-2011 academic year.

What do you think of the bill and the timeline? Does this seem like a robust and fair process?

Tomorrow: more on BSU&MP.

*I say legally binding because it is a bill, and not a resolution (which would just state the opinion of the House about what should be done), but it’s really a technical point since they didn’t write any punishment for failure to meet the timeline into the legislation. Still, it does demonstrate a greater degree of seriousness, which is why I point it out.

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