Q & A & A & A

My annual sit-down with the incoming and outgoing presidents is out this week. I’d recommend reading it in print, because it’s easier to read there and looks nicer.

But the thing about print is you can only fit so many words on a page: and some people want more than the abridged edition. I try to make the stuff that goes in print relevant and interesting to as wide an audience as possible, figuring the hardcore SG people will come here for the rest.

So if you’re interested  enough about what Ayden Maher and Tiffany Weimar have to say, you might want to look at the extended versions of my interview with them below. They’re not as pretty, nor as grammatically and conversationally “clean” as the pared-down print versions, but you might find some interesting comments.

Here’s the Q&A with Maher.

Here’s Weimar’s.

If you want to see last year’s Q&As, you can check them out here.


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