Election still not quite over

The “United Party” ticket continues to contest the Student Government election results even as its VP candidate, Chuck Forbes, quits his position in the Boca House.

Collene O’Reilly has appealed the decision of the student court (see previous entry) to Student Affairs, arguing that two groups of student leaders — the election board and the student court — failed to do their jobs.

This is the only reason for which such an appeal can be filed:

Student Court decisions are final. Appeals regarding failure of the Student Court to provide due process must be submitted in writing to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving notification of a Student Court decision.

This is section 319.500 of the election rules. “Due process” sounds like a complicated legal phrase, but it is not defined anywhere in statutes or the SG Constitution since it just means “the appropriate established procedures are followed.”

I spoke with Associate Dean Terry Mena following this announcement, and he couldn’t tell me what would happen, only that Student Affairs Vice President Charles Brown would begin considering the appeal immediately.

O’Reilly’s running mate Chuck Forbes resigned without explanation from the Boca House of Representatives at 12:43 a.m. on Friday, April 2. In an e-mail to House Speaker Alan Pollock, he merely said:

I resign as your rules and policies chair and as a representative.

Warmest Regards,

Chuck Forbes

I contacted Forbes for comment, and he said he would be glad to talk — after the appeal process was over. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Election still not quite over”

  1. ByeByeChuck! Says:

    Oh give it up already! They both look like douchebags at this point. Geez… Chuck is even more so of a douchebag. His resignation is basically, “Wah wah I lost the presidency two years in row and now I’m taking all my toys with me.” Tough titties, huh, Chuck? (Thanks Dan).

    The House won’t miss you.

  2. How Sad Says:

    Did you all read Chuck’s “farewell statement”? He could have left in a high note but he sure didnt.

    Greek Week is not in everyone’s mind. Calling names to people and insulting the whole process was so low. SGA is not a place to have fun, its a place to work and I’ve done both greek and sga at FAU and both are great, fun rewarding experiences. I recommend everyone to check out both.

    I voted for Tiffany and Collene but once she chose Chuck just to win i was sure not to support her. Is this the way someone in a leadership position behaves when something they disagree with happens?

    Have you seen Boris insult anybody? That dude lost and all he has done is to continue working while supporting the girl who won in Boca.

    What does the UP has to say about this? I’d like to know.

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