More Voters, Fewer Candidates = An Upset

With greater voter turnout in the run-off for president, university-wide senator Ayden Maher has won in a surprising turnaround from the original election.

From the desk of SG adviser Heather Bishara earlier this morning:

Maher, Ayden & Konecky, Evan  55% – (904 votes)

O’Reilly, Collene & Forbes, Charles 45% – (748 votes)

Total: 1652 responses; 6.16% of student body.

Remember, in the original race, only 1429 students voted for president. At that time, sitting vice president Collene O’Reilly got 643 (45%) votes and Maher 536 (37.5%). FAU swim coach Adam Epstein got the remaining 250 (17.5%).

So it appears the people voting for Epstein went almost universally for Maher when forced to pick someone else. O’Reilly stayed at about 45% of the vote as in the original results, while adding Epstein’s percentage to Maher’s gives you the percentage he got here: 55%.

But it wasn’t just a straight-up matter of addition — even if you add the original Epstein voters to Maher’s, you end up 118 short of the 904 he got here. O’Reilly’s ticket also picked up 105 additional votes from before, close to the same number Maher gained. That these new voters were split pretty evenly also suggests to me that the only important factor that changed in this race was Epstein not being in it. Forced to choose, people preferred not to pick the incumbent O’Reilly.

It’s possible that a statement from losing governor candidate Boris Bastidas had something to do with the turnaround, too. Here’s an excerpt from a message he sent out via Facebook Tuesday afternoon, making an official endorsement:

I did not then and I will not now and I will not ever cave in to the status quo.

So I close in saying that I believe we have two extraordinary candidates for Student Body President and Vice President. But it is time for me to make a final choice.

I am endorsing Ayden Maher for Student Body President and Evan Konecky for Vice President.

If Bastidas’ supporters couldn’t get him into office, perhaps they figured they could at least get the guy he supports in. Of course, this is all conjecture. The only clear fact is that Maher has won — and even that’s not a given, because O’Reilly may file election contestations with the Election Board by Friday. If the board then deems it necessary, they can alter the results in a number of ways, including vote deductions and disqualification.

To be clear, anyone can file a contestation against any of the candidates: here’s the form to use if you saw anything sketchy going on. The date on it is now inaccurate — they’re due Friday, March 26 at 5 p.m.


7 Responses to “More Voters, Fewer Candidates = An Upset”

  1. My faith in FAU’s good judgment is reassured after hearing this.

    Tough titties eh Charlie? Next year Mr. Forbes might have some difficulty finding a running mate. He’s 0-2 and looking more and more like the mid-80’s Denver Broncos. He can go to the show but he can’t bring home the big “W”. Now he is chum; amateur-political cancer. Too bad so sad.

    Hey Colleen, enjoy your last few weeks of the parking space and cell phone. We’re grateful for all you have done, whatever that may be.

    Even though you’re both probably in hiding (licking the wounds on your freshly skewered egos), I wanted you to know now that it is over that we still love you (as people) and wish you all luck in the real world. You’ll probably need it.


    – D.

  2. Pablo Best Says:

    I’m really excited for Ayden. A good friend of mine who I supported. Collene has always been one of FAU’s best leaders either in SG or outside of it so it wouldnt surprise me if she works together with Ayden to take FAU to great places.


  3. Evan is going to be Vice President ..really? What leadership skills has this person shown over his 3 years here at Florida Atlantic University. Wow FAU.

  4. WOW, wow, please list me the duties of student body Vice President and explain how Mr. Konecky is not going to possess the skills to execute them. He’s President of the Senate and his president was a SENATOR, DURRRR. Ayden & Evan, one of the bests tickets FAU has ever seen.

  5. Are they still buying that stupid $850 bench? Because I saw one just like it at Home Depot… for $149.

  6. James. why don’t you attend a House Meeting.

    EVERY Friday
    Senate Chambers

    Wait for Open Forum and express your thoughts on the bench. After all, it is student money which equals your money.

  7. ByeByeChuck! Says:

    LOL… AJ, you sound like a new Rep who actually believes in SG. The students that you represent mainly consist of dumbasses who don’t give a shit and have no idea WTF they are talking about. The bench is that much money because it is eco-friendly and durable. James doesn’t know shit. First, Home Depot isn’t even an approved vendor so that’s out and second, buying a cheap bench is ridiculous. Cheap benches are cheap for a reason. So 3 maybe 5 years down the road (if we’re lucky) the House will have to fund for another bench since the cheap one is rusty, ugly, and needs replacing. Real smart move.

    The House despite what most people think is quite fiscally conservative. The Speaker is who you have to worry about. I swear dude wants his name on everything. Silly, rabbit.

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