Run-Off Now

It’s now a full month after the original election for student body president and VP. The run-off, between Ayden Maher and Collene O’Reilly, is today and tomorrow. If you haven’t already, be sure to vote through MyFAU. Just click on the “Vote Now” tab.

But if you don’t know anything about the candidates and want to be a responsible voter, you can check out my original story here for some information about them.

O’Reilly’s ticket originally got 643 votes and Maher’s got 536. That’s really not a wide gap, given that Adam Epstein‘s ticket pulled in 250 votes. Since he’s not in the run-off, though, those voters might pick someone else or just not vote. They’ll probably be the deciding factor this time around, given the particularly low voter interest or awareness of elections this year.

Typically, run-offs get a much lower turnout than initial elections, but given the especially low number of voters this year — half of last year’s — it seems more likely these numbers won’t drop much. Every vote really will count.

643                O’Reilly, Collene & Forbes, Charles                45.00%

536                Maher, Ayden & Konecky, Evan                       37.51%

250                Epstein, Adam & Ebanks, Ryan                         17.49%


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