[UPDATED] As Usual, the Election’s Not Over Yet…

UPDATE: Uh, I’m a moron who can’t do math. I mixed up two numbers and drew a faulty conclusion about the Boca governor’s race from it — namely, that there might be a run-off for that as well. Somehow I got it in my head that both candidates had less than 50%, which is obviously impossible with two candidates. The entry’s been corrected.

One round of voting never seems to be enough at FAU. Odds are there’s going to be a run-off election for the presidential race. The reason is laid out in statute:

317.300 The Student Body President, Vice President, and Governor’s Offices must be won by simple majority vote of fifty (50) percent (50%) plus one (1) vote of all votes cast in an election.

And these are the unofficial results:

Presidential race

  • Collene O’Reilly and Chuck Forbes – 643 votes (45%)
  • Ayden Maher and Evan Konecky – 536 votes (37.51%)
  • Adam Epstein and Ryan Ebanks – 250 votes (17.49%)

Boca Governor

  • Allison Gentry – 601 votes (58.92%)
  • Boris Bastidas – 420 votes (41.08%)

The other races (House of Reps and other campus governors), which weren’t competitive to start with, are obviously decided. And the Boca governor race is unofficially over, unless a contestation leads to disqualification. But the presidential race is still in the air, and most likely will continue to a run-off election. However, contestations could decide things instead, since one thing the Election Board can do with just cause is this:

318.820 Remov[e] votes, which may or may not [a]ffect the outcome of an election, but only in cases where there is concrete, documented evidence of voter fraud with an exact number of defrauded votes found.

If enough votes get removed to put someone over 50%, then a run-off is unnecessary. But if that doesn’t happen, things might not be over until mid-March at the latest. The contestation period will eat up at least next week, and a run-off election cannot be held during Spring Break according to the election rules.

Contestations can be submitted by any student to Election Chair Freddy Moldt or your campus SG adviser by tomorrow, Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. If you saw something odd or against the rules happen during the election, report it. The form linked on the election Web site is here, although it’s still the Fall ’09 version and the deadline listed on it is wrong. You can refer to the contestation procedures here, in Chapter 318.

Oh, and the overall turnout? 1,429 votes. That’s only 5.33% of eligible voters, the lowest turnout in — well, I’ll have to check, but in recent memory, certainly. Maybe we can do better in a run-off, but usually fewer people vote in those.


3 Responses to “[UPDATED] As Usual, the Election’s Not Over Yet…”

  1. “I don’t like platforms because platforms are negative.” – Allison Gentry

    It looks like FAU got the Governor that it deserved (snark). If things keep going this way I guess we’ll be spending thousands of dollars on flags. Yeah!

  2. That’s right, we will spend money on flags because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with bolstering school spirit. It’s badly needed at an emerging institution like FAU.

    Besides, it’s not like SGA can afford to hire professors or build parking garages. Spirit flags are something SGA *can* do and you have to agree that they’re a better investment than shirts, pizza or stress-relieving squishy balls.

  3. These “Spirit Flags” are just as wasteful as t-shirts, pizza, and other bullshit nick-knacks/toys. Nobody with half a fucking brain made their vote based upon flags. How could the student body know what they voted for when most of the candidates never really stood for anything substantial in the first place (and ironically the ones that did lost). Hopefully you’re not in charge of anything other than breathing.

    Amateur politicians are ridiculous; they don’t even represent 3% (700 students) of the campus, yet they waste money with an air of superiority.

    I’m a graduate. I have no dog in this fight. That is to say, I do not know any of the candidates personally. I’m not saying anyone is a bad person. I’m only saying that SG is more about egos and resume fluffing than it is about affecting long lasting and needed change. You can disagree, but that would do nothing more than illustrate your ignorance.

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