Election videos, charts, and miscellany


Firstly and most importantly, a reminder: voting starts at midnight tonight. You can vote anytime Tuesday, Feb. 23 through Wednesday, Feb. 24. Just log into your MyFAU account and look for the “Vote Now” tab along the top. SG also provides physical polling locations, which are listed in the infographic below.


Last Thursday’s debate went pretty well — probably just under 100 people in attendance, and lots of good questions from the audience. We did have some minor technical issues with microphones, and, well, off-site candidate Adam Epstein.

Owl TV, which filmed the whole thing, has been faithfully rebroadcasting it since Friday. They also provided me with a DVD copy which I didn’t know about until 10 minutes ago — they left it in the office and nobody told me. But I’ll be watching it and if I have time, I’ll put together a transcript since someone asked for one in comments. Owl TV is also working with the UP to put together a “highlights” video which Owl TV Station Manager Garrett Astler says should be ready sometime today. When it is, I’ll link it here.

UP Business Manager Tyler Krome, who sat through the debate and tried to make the most of it, put together the neat and somewhat humorous infographic of election buzzwords you see at left. Click it for the full, readable size.

Election videos

Owl TV also offered to film video statements from the candidates. Everyone recorded one except for Boca Governor candidate Allison Gentry, who also did not submit a written statement to the UP — a criticism raised by her opponent Boris Bastidas at the debate. You can check those out on their Facebook page. Alternatively, here are direct links, though I’m not sure how well they’ll work:

Adam Epstein and Ryan Ebanks
Ayden Maher and Evan Konecky
Collene O’Reilly and Chuck Forbes

Boris Bastidas

I’d encourage you to watch these and also to look at their statements in the UP if you missed them. (Search “In their own words” to jump to the right section, two-thirds down the page.)

Of course, while most of the candidates are doing their best to make sure their names and ideas are known to students, UP TV reporter Sloane Davis and producer Kat Herisse show there are still a lot of students who haven’t heard much yet. You can check out their work here or watch the video below. I’m sure they’d love your comments too, since they’ve just restarted the UP TV project after the previous team left it dead for several months.

Election Math

The number to beat this year is 2246. This is the number of students who voted in the presidential election last year.  According to figures provided by the people on campus who keep track of such things, enrollment for Spring 09 was at 27,021, which means 8.31% of students voted. (To get that same percentage this semester, we’d need 2303 voters, so maybe that’s a better target.) Make it happen!

That’s all for now, folks. Happy voting.


4 Responses to “Election videos, charts, and miscellany”

  1. Yeah Yeah elections. Do you know what’s going on with Chris Ayala?

  2. hahahaha. but seriously, tell us something we care about. These elections are mere popularity contests. What did our past University President actually do thats made a lasting impact on this campus? That isn’t a rhetorical question either I would really like some answers.

  3. Ricky,

    He has/had two hearings this week, actually. One was yesterday–for a traffic violation. I don’t know if that has any bearing on the criminal case.

    The other is tomorrow; it seems likely a trial date will be set because the recent docket entries show deposition being taken and subpoenas being served. Things are starting to move.


    Tangible changes from Tiffany Weimar? Well, uh, let’s see. We have some more Owl logos on campus, like on bus stops. And we have the free shuttle bus system. She also got some previously metered spots in the parking garage back for commuter students. What else she’s accomplished that might be visible to students, I don’t know.

    I’ll be asking her about her accomplishments when I do the incoming/outgoing presidential profiles in the coming weeks.

    And while it might not sound like she’s done a whole lot, compare her to her immediate predecessor, Abe Cohen. He couldn’t list any tangibles for me, nor did I see any. Go Owls, indeed.

  4. I’m very supportive of the Owl logos on campus. I don’t think we need the shuttle system and I’d like to see that money go to other projects; when our campus eventually expands all the way to Spanish River Road (as it will eventually) then we could use the shuttle system.

    Right now we need to get very, very serious about a huge New Student Union, building more recreational opportunities, petitioning for more Student Housing, increasing our presence off-campus and blanketing what’s ON campus with school spirit. There are projects and initiatives there at all levels of effort and funding.

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