A brief update

I’m busy coordinating quite a few things at the moment, but I wanted to mention a few things.

Firstly, Alex van Mecl has withdrawn his candidacy for governor. This means that only the presidential, vice presidential, and Boca governor seats remain competitive. (I updated the election graphic below to reflect this on Friday and am just mentioning this belatedly.)

Second, details for the debates will hopefully be finalized by tomorrow afternoon. I should be able to post those on Wednesday.

Also, since someone was asking in the comments about when we will have hammocks on campus last week, I’ll share the update about this from the House meeting Friday. “Hammock Discovery Committee” chair Nona Smatrakaleva said she’s currently looking at sites:

  • “between the General [Classroom] South (GS) and Sanson Life [Science] (SC) buildings,” meaning, I suppose, the quad adjacent to the Breezeway.
  • “Heritage Park [Towers],” and I’m not sure where exactly this means.
  • “Next to Live Oak [Pavilion].”

You can access a campus map with these locations here. No word yet on when the hammocks will be installed, although she did say there would be only one at each location at first, with more to come later.

Go Saints Owls!


One Response to “A brief update”

  1. Thanks for the updates on the hammocks, Brandon.

    When Nona said, “Heritage Park” you must have thought “Heritage Park [Towers]” as you stated “I’m not sure exactly what this means. The little forest area adjacent to HPT is actually called “Heritage Park” so the hammock would go there.

    1) Behind the The Live Oak Pavilion is a great location. That should be the best place to get away from the noise.
    2) ” ‘Between the General [Classroom] South (GS) and Sanson Life [Science] (SC) buildings,’ meaning, I suppose, the quad adjacent to the Breezeway” I take to mean the quad between the Hillel Center and Alumni Plaza. There exists a circle of trees there that would work for hammocks and be highly visible.
    3) Heritage Park is a great location because it’s also highly visible.
    4) The only location I would add is just east of the Visual Arts Center (on the north and east sides of the lake there are some excellent trees there) between the VAC and Parking Garage II.

    Thanks to the Hammock Discovery Committee for initiating this proposal. I sincerely hope it’s successful. They’ll probably have some damaged in the process (freshmen…) but that shouldn’t deter the committee from continuing this necessary addition. A lot of students, particularly from out of state, are drawn to FAU for the sunshine. This is one of the best ways for them to enjoy it. It also helps to sell the campus on tours.

    These are the kinds of things I like to see from SGA. Keep up the good work.

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