Hello, Campaign Season

Above (click for a more legible size) are the candidates for this semester’s election, and I expect you’ll be hearing their names more than you care to in the coming weeks. As you can see, we have competitive races at the presidential level and in both Boca and Broward at the governor level. The Jupiter and Treasure Coast candidates will, I suppose, have to fend off any write-ins.

There are also five people running for vacant seats in the Boca House of Representatives, which has plenty available. With only a single vote, they’re guaranteed a seat — and they’re allowed to vote for themselves.

The presidential election could be interesting. Current Student Body Vice President Collene O’Reilly (no known relation to Bill, the political talk show host) is running alongside Boca House Rep Chuck Forbes, who was not only her opponent last year but ran at the top of the ticket. An interesting dynamic, for sure.

We also have Ayden Maher (no known relation to another Bill, the political talk show host) who has served as university-wide senator and Boca House representative running for the top job. He’s either popular or knows how to turn out the vote: he got more votes than anyone else in the (legislative office only) election last semester; in fact, he got 40 more votes than Chuck Forbes, who already had some name recognition by running for president the semester before that.

Then, we have Adam Epstein. He’s an unexpected candidate, at least for me, because I know him — that is, I know him in a non-SG context. We’ve had both graduate and undergraduate classes together, and as far as I know he’s not currently involved in SG. His running mate Ryan Ebanks, however, certainly is; Ebanks has been Boca Raton treasurer since Chris Ayala was kicked out of FAU last year.

Interestingly absent from the presidential line-up is Alex van Mecl, who is founder and president of the popular Mission Green Student Association and Student Body President Tiffany Weimar’s chief of staff, a role that in recent years has been a springboard for higher office. Perhaps he might run for president next year, whether or not he wins the Broward governorship.


3 Responses to “Hello, Campaign Season”

  1. Alex van Mecl is an outstanding guy. He would definitely do well as the SGA President.

  2. Well Dean, I think a lot of people would agree with that statement of yours. But with any person, no matter who they are, you gotta really try and get to know them. Because you never know what you might find when you go beyond just the smile and public show that some people in SG put on.

    As far as Van Mecl, the dream lives on for many I suppose.

  3. Go Collene and Chuck! Great ticket, best of both worlds, i like it!

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